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  1. cnc.greene

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    Hey everyone. As of now, the Scenic City Showcase is still on for the first weekend in June. There are around 250 teams, combined age brackets, shown as registered, and quite a few are from the tri-state area. I am curious IF the showcase happens, will your team still be attending? Does anyone have any information as to whether colleges will still be in attendance to recruit?
  2. Captain_Thunder

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    Wow, you have been a member for over 5 1/2 years and this is your first post ever!
  3. SonicMojo

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    Which tri-state area? There are lots of tri-state areas.
  4. cnc.greene

    cnc.greene New Member

    Which tri-state area? There are lots of tri-state areas.[/QUOTE]

    Sorry, Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky.
  5. cnc.greene

    cnc.greene New Member

    Yeah, usually I only read posts, but the unknown of this summer is driving me crazy!
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  6. DanMaz

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    post more. we need more input! how is Tennessee doing by the way?
  7. cnc.greene

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    According to news sources, there has been a slight increase over the last few days, but their numbers are still pretty good. 9,189 cases and 178b deaths. Governor is starting to slowly re-open some businesses this week; however, I just read that the director of tourism does not want travelers coming into the state, and they are uncertain when tourism will be again. The tournament directors are updating on May 4th.
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  9. DanMaz

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    so phase 4 is mid june ?? sports venues open! keep fingers crossed
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  10. cnc.greene

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  11. Mad Hornet

    Mad Hornet Active Member

    Well this needs clarified. Are sports venues the same thing as stadiums with 50k plus seating capacity? Is Warner Park / The Summit considered a "playground"? Makes a big difference.
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  12. OHsoftball

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    I read where someone stated that Warner and Summit are considered sports "parks" not "venues".
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  13. her mom

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    So, not looking good for the June 4-7th tournament?
  14. swohio

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    Wouldn't matter, social distancing is still implemented at parks during the same period.
  15. So playgrounds and basketball courts will open up in Phase II with "social distancing"......good luck with that.
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  16. If you are talking about Scenic City showcase....we were told last week by Connect Sports that the parks were scheduled to be open and the showcase would go on with some slight "modifications"....but also got the "subject to change" disclaimer on as well.
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  17. OHsoftball

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    Anyone have any updated info on this?
  18. 22dad

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    Extended dead period changed things up for us
  19. denise_anngolf

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    Scenic City sent an email out to coaches yesterday. If you decide to attend the event, the discounted showcase will be virtual (live streaming) for college coaches to watch. Games will be held at Georgia fields. Another option is to choose rescheduled date of August 6-9 or use credit for future event. Ohio Lasers Teal is choosing to keep with original schedule for virtual showcase style.
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  20. her mom

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    Are there any mandatory rules? Example spectators, players and coaches etc having to wear protective face masks (coverings?) Will Concessions be avail? Are spectators allowed to sit on the bleachers etc? Ps. Thank you for the other info :)

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