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    Our Cap City Force team played this weekend in Findlay OH and the Battle of the Great Lakes. During our 2nd game, everyone's worst nightmare happened; our SS and CF collided on a fly ball, head to head at high speed.

    It was as terrifying a moment as I have ever experienced on a softball field.

    Without going into a very long story, the SS was knocked unconscious and the CF was awake but in a great deal of pain in her shoulder, head and back of her neck. While unconscious, the SS was having a difficult time breathing and her eyes were rolling into the back of her head - it's still difficult to talk about because of what these two players mean to us and the fear of the worst injuries to them. The force at which these two collided was great enough that the SS was spitting up small pieces of her tooth.

    The "positive" came from a bad situation; ultimately, the SS regained consciousness on the field, and both were taken to the Hospital in Findley, where all CT scans and X Rays came back without indications of any major injuries. What I wanted to Post for all to see here today, was the reaction from the other Teams there with us during that event. We were playing Thunder, and had just finished playing Ohio Classics, and we were in the top of the 2nd.

    All of the Thunder coaches ran to the injured players with us, and just as impressive, helped our coaches and parents keep calm (I can speak for myself; I would not have been able to help like I did without them there. I would have been a panicked mess without them!) Then, the Ohio Classics had a coach or parent on the field with us as well (could have been more, the whole thing is still a blur) and she was an RN and was VERY helpful! Both teams, players/coaches and parents directly helped, or were very supportive to help our players and team get through this event. They need to be recognized!!!!

    Seems like we hear about the confrontations during these games way too often, so please take a moment and reach out to these teams if you have a free moment, and tell them all how much they are appreciated!

    A huge thank you to all those first responders in Findlay; I don't remember your names, but I will not forget what you did for these two players!

    From me personally; our two injured players are better now, and they ARE my family, so thank you Thunder Fastpitch 04 and Ohio Classics!!! You both displayed the positive that teams talk about and all strive to practice, and I for one could not be more grateful for you all this past weekend...

    Rob Ringhiser
    CCF 16U
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    So glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

    We were starting to warm up and saw what happened. It was a bit scary at the moment. I was trying to figure out a way to reach you to get an update for our ladies, they were concerned and it’s always nice to have some closure to the situation.

    The Ohio Classics have a mom and wife of a coach who is a nurse and she was the one to run out and see if she could help. The other coaches cleared parked cars and made a way to the gate so the squad could get in quickly. I would easily expect anyone in that park to do the same.

    We wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see you on a diamond in the future! We are all family as you said and as we are trained, the first few seconds or minutes are often the most important in injuries.

    Very glad the ladies are getting better!

    Tony Rettke
    Ohio Classics ‘04
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    Thanks so much for your response!

    We are all dedicated to pay forward the kindness that your team and the Thunder Fastpitch 04 team showed on Saturday. I have received comments from all of our parents and tournament Directors and they all were very complimentary of everyone present that day. We will try to keep that going!

    Thanks again!

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