Stay at 16U for recruiting?

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  1. Love2Coachball

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    I have a question for college coaches or parents who have been through the recruiting process.

    My dd can stay at 16U for another year or move up with most of her team/coach that she likes.

    Is 16U the best place to be recruited? In addition, wouldn't it be better to stand out at 16U as opposed to blend in (be average) at 18U?

    She had a good year at competitive tournaments, but I think she would "stand out" a lot more if she stayed down next year.

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  2. CARDS

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    It depends on the following:
    Level of play she desires post secondary...
    Her Talent...
    Schedule the team will be playing...

    I would say if she is above average its best to stay down to get more looks from coaches recruiting a few years out. As far as blending in, I have seen 14U ladies be standouts on 16/18U teams so age should not limit her ability to get looks on ability
  3. Love2Coachball

    Love2Coachball New Member

    I would say overall, she is above average. She is an excellent hitter, has great speed, and is a pitcher and outfielder. This year, against top batters, when pitching, she was average at the big tournaments. Sometimes she did well, sometimes she was hit pretty hard. I think with another year of working on spins and speed she might be able to win the battle more from the mound.

    Her hitting, fielding and batting was above average, as she often batted #3 or 4 and played all but a few innings in the outfield when not pitching. Her team is 21-11 playing all competitive Showcases.

    Her goal is small D1, but probably D2.
  4. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    I would stay down then,

    Make sure she has a decent skills video and I would also suggest if she has not already done so, get her profile to the colleges she is interested in. (Her travel ball coach or, travel team college coordinator may have also passed it along if it was a showcase team).
    That way when you look at scheduling you can attend camps etc. I know the NFCA Camps that was done the day before some of the bigger showcases was the only time the coaches had to look at some ladies for several reasons.
  5. Love2Coachball

    Love2Coachball New Member

    Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate your advice! We are looking to create the video within the next 2 weeks. If you have any advice on that, please share. We have sent her profile , ourselves to many schools. We are also looking to attend camps in the fall at some of the main schools she has interest.
  6. Passion4theGame

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    Stay at 16u. Find a good fit organization that will help her with the recruiting process.

    I would recommend your Daughter to create her own email address (her first & last name and grad year) to write the emails to the coaches and Bcc you or her travel coach and or Recruiting coordinator in each email. Have her do some research on each school. I will share some pointers that someone very special to me (Cammi Prantl) shares with my girls this season. She has been to the Big D1 school started and knows what it takes. Here’s some pointers she gave to our girls.

    • You need to make each email PERSONALIZED. This means adding in more information about you or how you would fit into their program. Just simply saying "I watched some of your games this year" is not going to cut it. An example of something you could say could be: "One of my biggest softball strengths is base running; I noticed when watching your team this season that you all love to steal bases too! ......."
    • do NOT wait until the signature at the bottom of the email to tell them your name... ***IF this is a coach that you have been corresponding with normally this is not always necessary, but if it is one of the beginning stage emails you need to introduce yourself.
    • Mini paragraphs are your friend! Do not just write all of the things you want to tell them in one run on sentence/paragraph. Show them you know how to pair up your thoughts and have some flow to what your writing.
    Lastly, show some personality!! Don’t be dry and boring! Be unique and standout. They see hundreds of emails daily and weekly so you have to find a way for them to remember you!

    Our girls have to email 2 coaches per week. With each letter they are getting better.

    Good Luck with the process and cherish this time with these girls!
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  7. Love2Coachball

    Love2Coachball New Member

    Thanks Jeff! I actually spoke with one of your young coaches at one of our tournaments. I can't remember her first name, but she is an OSU player and was helpful as well with her advice.

    I appreciate all of your input! I thought my daughter's emails were pretty personal, but seeing your example means we have to do better.

    I went through the recruiting process myself as a former college player, but it was, um, well , a bit before all of this technology, lol!

    Thanks again!
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  8. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    You do not have to spend a lot of money on a video. I have seen some bad videos parents paid as much as $1000 for.

    When I coached showcase teams we did them as part of the team fees. (several organizations still do this). You can also do it yourself and edit in windows movie maker.

    1. Keep it short 2/4 min (give or take .30)
    2. Good introduction with key information scrolling
    3. Label scene or pitch
    3. Use good camera angles and zoom
    4. Keep it real. I have seen videos from NCSA and others (especially with pitching) where the feed was sped up, bases, fences, pitching plate shortened, etc.
    5. Showcase the athletic/mechanical skill you are looking for in the scene. footwork, glove work, arm angle, swing etc.
    6. Avoid game footage...That can come later if needed or asked for.
    7. Tons of videos on youtube...Some good most bad. Its not a movie so no need for a long list of credits or music...

    Here is an examples of a decent video, its missing intro: (Who she is, when she graduates, HS/travel team etc)

    Mom and dad most likely paid a lot for this but, it is way overdone IMO. The first .30 and last .30 could go away as well as some of the narrative... youtube]id=6RMqj5cGZtg;t=47
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  9. Love2Coachball

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    Thanks, but I couldn't get video links to work. Can you resend?
  10. CARDS

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    Here is the one that is a little over kill...could shave off .30 in intro and .30 at the end
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  11. Long Baller

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    Stay at 16U. The bigger schools identify and recruit at 14U and 16U. For the most part, they watch 18U games to keep an eye on their recruits.
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  12. Love2Coachball

    Love2Coachball New Member

    Thanks Long Baller! That is my thought too.

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