Non-Sanctioned Tourney Tallmadge's T-town Showdown May 29-31, 2020

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    8u -$325
    10u, 12u, 13u(90% 06 team) - $400

    *This year there will be trophies and medals for first and second place teams! We are taking 8-8u teams, 16-10u teams, 16-12u teams, and 8-13u teams.

    *Sign up online at or print and send attached form with payment.

    *Let us know if you want to be added or if your name isn't on here but should be! Contact Arene Staszak at 330-328-8228 or

    *Here is who we have so far (as of 10/22/19) :

    Lady Lookouts 8u
    Tallmadge Force

    Lady Lookouts 9u
    Ohio Outlaws Futures- 9u
    Akron Racers Almond
    Tallmadge Force 9u
    Tallmadge Force 10u
    Ohio Ice Purle 09
    Wolfpack 09

    SlamForce 12u
    Lady Lookouts 11u
    Little Monsters 12u
    Lady Lookouts 12u
    Tallmadge Force Gold

    Devils Fastpitch 06
    Wolfpack 06
    Lady Lookouts
    Little Monsters
    Lady Rebels 06 Navy
    Jackson Outlaws

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  2. 8u’s come join this! Will be a great time!
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    Welcome Wolfpack 09!

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