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Discussion in 'High School Softball' started by Lil, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Lil

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    Hi! In the past our team has travelled together for spring training. Staying together in a big cabin, watching meals together and generally spending the week bonding. With all of the Covid restrictions, we are obviously not allowed to travel. Any thoughts on some say to still bond and team build? TIA!
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    We do a drill/game at the end of each practice that works on teambuilding. If you're looking for those, I can help and I'm sure there are numerous others on here that will share. If you're looking for activities outside of practice that work on teambuilding, have a team dinner of pizza. Before serving the food, tie each hand of each player to the player next to them on each side thus making a complete circle of players tied to each other. Next, put the Soda, pizza, paper plates, napkins, etc, in the middle of the table and tell them to go at it. They'll have to work together and figure out how to set their place, get their pizza and eat. It literally takes the entire team working together to accomplish and there's always a lot of laughing and joking.
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    age has a lot to do with team building and specifically what you do for it. just because covid, doesn't mean you cant get together and do some bonding... you still practice together right?
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    We are doing a team movie day. Our local cinema, Garrettsville Cinema, is sponsoring the team V/JV to watch "A League of Their Own" together. We will have another local business donate pizza. Just a fun team get together, local, easy and fully sponsored.

    We are also having Michael Minner come in and do a mini camp, thats softball specific, but also a great team bonding event.
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    Akron Racers used to Host a Team Let Girls Deliver 1st Pitch. Especially Cool for the younger girls!
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    I can say that team building activities are very important for a group o people that are working together. You could try some online team-building games that will strengthen your relations in this hard pandemic time. I work from home, and my company organized a lot of team-building events with the help of These guys came with a lot of different interesting games. I think that is very important for each of us to participate in such events. In this way, we meet a lot of new people and developing new skills.
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