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    All, would like to get a discussion about classifications for tourneys (A, B, C, Open) and the idea of elite / proven / trophies teams entering tourneys as an age younger when they are obviously a “better program.”

    I get the trophy hunting aspect and I get the idea of playing up to test your team. But what about an elite open 05 team being allowed into an already full (12 teams out of 12 available spots) tourney field for a 16u B/C? So, to be clear- now a 13 team tournament for B/C kids with an Elite A team entered and allowed in late.

    Thoughts welcomed. Mine are why skew a field where “our” kids want to play competitively against like skilled players. That is why we select the tourneys we do. If you think an 05 A team (and proven as such #1/#2 in state) is not superior to 04 B/C teams, would like to hear that side as well.

    Real world example- See USSSA Marion tourney this month.
  2. TheSoftballZone

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    I tend to agree with you when I was coaching and choosing tournaments to enter. I always wanted a schedule that gave my team the best chance to grow during the season and have it all payoff at the Nationals or World Series. One of the way I did this was by playing in some tournaments I was 100% sure we would have a very successful weekend. I would space this out about ever 2 wks.

    With that said I understand your point and would agree 100%. But now lets throw that thing called covid-19 into the mix and I was currently coaches I would be just happy playing as many games as we can find.
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  3. So the team in question literally signed up this weekend while I was at a tourney so this is the first I seen them in the event. And yes a 14u-A team playing up in a 16-B event is highly questionable as our system is not supposed to allow that to happen. A teams play in A or Open divisions regardless of age group.

    But the real question is why you would not contact me with your concerns regarding USSSA and there events instead of going out to a message board to start trouble?

    It's nice to see these people who about 45 days ago who vowed to walk thru the fires of hell so their athletes could play softball have returned to their normal catty selves who post on message boards stirring it up.
  4. DanMaz

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    curious, how did the young A level team do in the upper age group?
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  5. Passion4theGame

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    Why worry the Class A or B or C or whatever? They are a age division younger. Have confidence as a coach and push that to your players. You and your team should be willing and able to compete with ANY team out there and give it the best go you got. So what if you lose. Learn from it. It’s not all about winning at 16u. It’s about finding good homes for these kids after softball. Helping start their futures and careers.
    Sounds like said 14u team probably won. Sounds like you thought maybe u had a chance to win without them there?
    Play ball. Get better playing better teams. Help build the team and everything will work out.
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    This year I think has to be viewed differently. You will get some stronger teams in smaller tournaments and stronger teams playing up. The tournament we are in this weekend is our third option after Orville and GAPSS were both canceled. Not too many options for coaches. Especially if you are trying to limit overnight stays and travel given the pandemic...
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  7. AnotherSoftballDad

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    They won it all...Championship game was 14-1.
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  8. Passion4theGame

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    Love it!!
  9. DanMaz

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    :eek: :rolleyes: :oops: o_O
  10. AnotherSoftballDad

    AnotherSoftballDad Active Member

    I have no horse in this race....just followed the situation.
  11. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    What tournament?
    What team?
  12. flygirlsdad

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    Play up if you want, but in tournaments where you will be challenged. The B/C tournament route shouldn't be the first option as you will likely face teams closer to rec level. A good team would get more by scheduling friendlies against other good teams but not everyone wants to put in the work to set that up. This has been a tough scheduling year for everyone though.
  13. AnotherSoftballDad

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    It was an Outlaws team (I believe Leggins who had won the 14u Outlaw Invitational the week before) and the 2020 16U "A" and "B" USA SOFTBALL OF OHIO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. They got in at the last second. There was a 16u A tournament and a 16u B tournament in Findlay and they were in the B tournament. Not sure why or how they weren't in at least the "A" tournament...I assume maybe a "B" tournament team dropped out. I don't think they were trophy hunting and really were just trying to find a place to play late it sounds like. None of their games were even close. I don't have any issues with it but I get it gives off a bad look to some. Teams can get better by facing teams like that, but I do understand you get into these "B" tournaments to specifically keep the level of competition somewhat even.
  14. PaulP

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    It’s wrong for a 14u “A” team to play in a 16u “B” tournament.
  15. daboss

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    I guess I am the exception to the rule, I always welcomed the competition. I made sure the girls knew we were going to play a highly ranked and thought of team so give me your best effort. We want to know if we measure up and the only way to prove it was to go head to head with the best. No matter the outcome I could find some bright spots in the game to help raise their spirits. The experience was the victory as you could see the confidence get stronger afterwards. I made sure they knew we'd play anyone, anytime, anywhere, under any conditions. As long as they left it all on the field, the score didn't matter.

    The great thing about a team that buys into this is they learn to be humble in victory and develop an inner strength and confidence in defeat. They respect somebody that could beat them yet it didn't demoralize them. It simply showed them they needed to get better prepared and try again if they get the chance. Years later; you can see the same amount of effort in the real world.
  16. DanMaz

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    i kinda side with boss here... did anyone (coaches or players) on the 16u B team(s) that played this 14u A team, learn anything? and if i need to tell you what you should have learned, then your coaching or playing with a closed mind.

    hint: its not always about wins and losses
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  17. Stedman00

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    witnessed a 1 day friendly tourney last year that had a 14A team come in and they were legit beating 16 & 18u teams no problem. I think some parents got a little butt hurt about it and got their eyes opened about what exactly D1 talent looks like. And their squad didn't have any D1 talent.

    interesting to over hear before and after comments from parents. fly on the wall if you will.

    Like said above, if you are not being pushed to improve, then you are not improving.
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  18. Passion4theGame

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    A big piece of Humble pie is not a bad thing. I agree with @Stedman00 and others. Push your athletes. Get better. Playing better teams will challenge your athletes. Who enjoys going somewhere and waxing teams 15-1, 20-0, 18-2???.... Not me. Boring. I get it sometimes you don’t have a choice in who you play. IE this year with the Pandemic.
  19. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    The flip side that coaches have to honestly evaluate is , if your team is playing in level 'x' tourneys and getting totally stomped, it's time to re-evaluate your team, and make some changes. Maybe switch tourneys, etc. Harsh reality hurts at times.
  20. So the original poster was complaining about a 14u A team jumping in the 16u B bracket for Marion the weekend of July 11-12. I removed the 14u A team and got a real choice email last night from one of the 14u A teams assistant coach (maybe, who knows anymore since everyone has an opinion) criticizing USSSA for being a rec league organization. Guess they won't be entering our events in the future.

    If you know of any Rec/All-Star teams wanting to take the 14u A teams spot next weekend let me know since apparently that is what we cater to according to this "expert".

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