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    Being that most tryouts are on the same days or some are this weekend and some are next weekend. When wanting to tryout for different teams, say the team you really want to go to tryouts are on the latest date, but your DD if offered a spot before that. How would one handle this? Also is it better to have multiple kids in the same organization or does it really matter?
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    Just be honest and say - "We are interested in your team BUT my Daughter still has another tryout we will let you know as soon as possible."
    I would think having all kids in one program would be somewhat easier (I'm assuming not on the same team) but you have to find the program that fits them best.

    Good luck at tryouts
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    Also is asking #1 pick for a private tryout because they are the 1st choice ok?
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    You are correct..... I have a DD who is looking for an 04 team and a DD who is looking for an 07 team
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    In my opinion it is easier to have both daughters in the same organization but several times one is more talented than another. Your daughters have to play at the highest level they are capable of.
    There is nothing wrong with calling the coach and asking for a private tryout but if she isn't a very solid player a coach may hold off on making an offer in hopes the big tryout brings in a better player.
    If your daughter is 15u or above I suggest SHE call her #1 teams Coach and let them know they are her #1 pick and ask for the tryout.
    Hope this helps-just my opinion
    Coach Mike
    Cincy Doom Gold 18u
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    Thank you very much! We have been at this awhile, just have gotten lucky in the past with dates ect. This year not so much! Both girls have always been in same organization, this year needing to find new teams due to one team moving up and one team staying down when daughters need to stay in age groups!!! With one coming out of 8u and one being 12u the talent is definitely a big difference here!
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    I would ask for a private tryout and make sure they are looking for the positions your DD plays if that team is the one you really want. It would stink to pass on an offer or loose out on an offer only to find the team you want only needs utility or OF help and your DD is a pitcher catcher, SS etc.
    Teams have tryouts looking for talent and if your DD is one a coach believes can help their team and makes an offer generally the coach will give until the next tryout date for a reply. I do not know of many teams that holds a spot for an extended period of time and passes on qualified players especially; ones that meets or exceeds the talent of the lady asking for more time.

    As far as having DDs play within the same organization or in two different organizations... I think just because you are playing on a teams within the same organization it does not guarantee practice locations or tournaments will be on the same schedule. I do know of some organizations that do have shared resources, practice locations and close schedules that can help with parents getting players to and from events but the team has to have a need and sometimes the player may have to change positions to make this happen. It gets harder the more age between players as well.
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