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Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by PlayTwo, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. PlayTwo

    PlayTwo Member

    It's time to institute bans or suspensions or something. I just logged in and 16 of the first 20 posts under "New Posts," which is where I always start, are for Valley Storm tryouts. This is not to pick on Valley Storm specifically. Perhaps if you got rid of the different regions for posting it would clean things up? No one, it seems, limits their postings to just one region.
  2. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    where is big bear??
  3. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    I like the idea of having separated regions but if everyone posts the same info in every single region and the general tryout section it sort of defeats the purpose.
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    WSHEELY Member

    Oh I just thought Valley Storm was the only organization having tryouts!
  5. santos67

    santos67 Member

    It’s hard for me to limit my postings to just one region. I have an 18U team with players from Toledo to Northern Kentucky.
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  6. Wait- Valley Storm is having tryouts?!
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  7. LineDrive

    LineDrive New Member

    Valley storm is a marketing machine! Leave the 16u PREMIER poster alone!
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  8. Run26

    Run26 Active Member

    What drives me insane are these veiled tryout posts on the General Board that say "Come be a part of or Coming soon i.e. Premier, Gold, Elite" team in Ohio. ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TRYOUT SECTIONS ONLY! They are skirting the board rules and I don't understand why it's allowed.
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  9. LineDrive

    LineDrive New Member

    I'm sick of these orgs flaunting " gold, elite, premier, diamond. what's next, titanium or Kevlar?
  10. Scooter7

    Scooter7 Member

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  11. #4mom

    #4mom Member

    Honestly instead of regions ( all teams seem to post in all regions no matter where their out of) I wish they would do it by age group! Seem like it would be a lot easier to navigate. When I get on I’m looking for certain age groups!
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  12. finfan365

    finfan365 Active Member

    I'm not sure separating into age groups would help either. There are a lot of posts with mutiple age tryouts in them. It think they would just spread out across those sections just like the regions.

    I say just regulate the crap out of it. If you are a team that is recruiting statewide, post in a Statewide section. You shouldn't have to post in every region.

    BTW, does anyone know if Valley Storm is still needing players?
  13. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    This is the only time a lot of these organizations post on the board.
    The softball community is larger than 10 years ago with a lot of families choosing to play over an hour away from where they live and with most organizations holding tryouts on the same day for various age groups it needs to be all inclusive.
    I would say if there were charges like be a premium member you get top of the list, all others go on the general list for a nominal fee:) and it is just one advertisement, no adding to the thread so take some time and fill out a very good tryout profile.
    That will stop the daily... what you looking for, where you playing, where you practicing, how many non parent coaches you have etc.
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  14. Mdfio

    Mdfio Active Member


    BTW, does anyone know if Valley Storm is still needing players?[/QUOTE]

    I am thinking they may still need one or two - just a wild guess
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  15. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    I am thinking they may still need one or two - just a wild guess[/QUOTE]

    Judging by the number of posts placed in all regions, i'd guess more than just 1 or 2.
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  16. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    All teams need to post in the proper locations they are even bleeding into the rants page. WTH is wrong with people. I thought reading comprehension was a first grade thing.
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  17. stw7778

    stw7778 Member

    So we have this board to use to help teams and players find each other, and teams post their needs and keep up on their posts. I do not see the problem here. If Valley Storm keeps up on their posts and does the work to ensure their post get the views to get that position filled, how is that wrong? I would love it if daughters coach worked half that hard to ensure they have the best possible players to compete at a high level.
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  18. First2Third

    First2Third Active Member

    The problem is it clogs and pollutes the feed. You can't find new and relevant content when 3 teams post 8x per day that they are looking for Jennie Finch.
  19. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    I thought coaches were suppose to coach, not spend six seasons looking for the perfect girls through tryouts. You will never win consistently by breaking down a team year after year.
  20. Denver Roach

    Denver Roach Member

    This comment echos thoughts of mine that have been with me for a while now. It didn't take long to notice that lots of coaches are looking for a "Ready Made" player. I'm not saying I'd do any better myself. It's just an observation of mine and of course an opinion as well so it may in fact not be entirely accurate either. I suppose it comes down to what some might refer to as a style of coaching. Lots of tough decisions no doubt about it.

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