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    There aren't many travel ball "coaches" out there, they are game day "managers". It's been my experience that these (cough, cough) coaches aren't in it for the girls, but they really want to surround THEIR daughter with the best talent possible, and use them to get THEIR daughter to the big games, big tourneys, big accolades, etc... When it doesn't work, hit the recycle button and start from scratch next year.
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    While I agree with this statement, I don't think it's always the case. There are so many travel teams now that it's becoming watered down. There are some very talented girls that simply do not want to (or cannot) travel 90 minutes to practice all winter or weekly in the summer for practice. If a team pops up close by, then they have the chance to play on a travel team close to home. We've been lucky enough to live in an area where there are plenty of teams within a reasonable distance, but we have seen some teams that just cannot pull the talent to compete at the level they want to, or if they do they lose them after a year for greener pastures or something closer to their home.

    Not bagging on travel ball, but it seems to have been a little better when it was more exclusive. We see so many more "rec travel" teams at tournaments that when my DD was playing 10u-12u. Maybe that's just how it is in the 14u-16u world, I don't know. She's our oldest so every step up to the next age bracket is our first. But the sport is growing quickly, which is great, but it needs to be managed carefully so the kids can get the most out of it.
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    I agree that there are some good coaches out there, and I certainly did not mean to paint the entire softball coaching population with such a wide brush. Unfortunately, I think it is a somewhat of a common problem. I have personally seen it on more than one of my DD's teams, and I have heard the exact same story from friends that have kids on other teams/orgs.

    Look at it in terms of college recruiting. The parent coach can walk up to the college coaches at games and openly "sell" their kids to any school there. As a parent in the stands, you can't do a thing. The parent coach can call and talk to coaches, call ahead before camps, call after and get feedback about their girls. As a parent, you can't do a thing. Back before the recruiting rule change, the parents on one of my DDs teams use to joke that "I wish coach would hurry up and get his kid recruited so then he can start working on our kids". Fact is, that there are some coaches in it strictly to have control over their kids college recruiting. The "staff" of assistant coaches are there to make sure their own kids don't get screwed over in the process. They all know the game.

    I keep seeing the "watered down" analogy over and over, but I personally don't believe it. I think when a kid gets a certain age and decides that level they want to play/can play at, everyone falls into their right place. If the end goal is to play at a big college, ie, Ohio State, Indiana U, or out West or South, then you aren't going to find multiple travel team options close to where you are. As a matter of fact, you will most likely need to play for a travel team based out of the state that travels to the big tourneys around the country. If the end goal is to play at a small college in Ohio, then some of the "closer to home" travel ball options may work. The bottom line is, those with the talent, drive, and especially the MEANS to do so will end up where they need to be. Unfortunately, there are many girls out there with the talent and dream, but don't have the means to make it happen, and that is truly sad. We need the varying levels of travel ball teams and tournaments for everyone to find their fit.

    I could go on and on about this subject, but just saying what I have already said so far will probably get this thread deleted and my account suspended. LOL.
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    Long Baller, I agree with a lot of what you say, particularly your last point about playing for big D1 schools. If the kid has what it takes to play at that college level, then they are going to have to travel to play on a team full of blue chippers that play all over the country. That's how it is in any sport I think. When we watch these fantastic athletes in the Olympics, they come with stories of how they had to move away from their families for a year to train with a certain coach to put them on the right path to complete at the highest level, and the level of dedication it takes to polish their craft to compete at the best in the world. To be the best in the world. So, in travel ball you bet the girls that are cut out to play for a big time D1 program are going to do the same - if they have the means. But to play for a small college in Ohio, that's not bad either. There is some good talent and good competition at the smaller schools, too. I would never think less of my girl for playing ball at a D2 or D3 school if she is getting a good education and truly enjoys the experience, even if she was a stellar softball player that could go play for a big time program. I'm going to watch her in person anyway, so I don't need to see her on ESPN...although that would be pretty cool too.
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    I agree, 100%.
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    Why have a regional tryout section if the teams posting in is are from 4 hours away?
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    Where's Ricky. I recall Ricky was suspending accounts last year that were posting the same tryouts on multiple boards. We know at least one of the moderators isn't going to do it, because he's guilty of the same infraction.
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    Get him !!!!!
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    Do we like overposting?????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHH
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    More posts, more colors, more exclamation points!!!!!!!!
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    I feel we should have to pay to list our tryouts. Cleans up the 20 of the same post. Its ridiculous. I personally don't do Social Media so this site is my daily reading while I go and take care of business (wife tells me to spray poopourri) I sure as heck don't get on this great site to click on NEW POST only to see the entire first page be the same post over and over again. Trash!!! Desperate. We get it, your having tryouts. Its just silly and sad because this used to be a great site to come to and read good information and get into some great conversations. Oh well i guess times change.
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    Totally agree with you. The best organization know that to make a great team they have to look for players all over the state and even out of state. If you look at the best teams their made up with players from all over. I know that Cincy Static Elite when it was around had girls from Florida and other states.
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    You don't need to travel and be in a top team in the state to be seen by DI coaches. B level players are recruited often to play DI ball. It's not about where you play it's about your DD putting in the effort on the field and selling herself to coaches through emails and videos. They will come see you if they like what they see.
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