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Discussion in 'Tournament archives' started by UrbanaFan, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Urbana SummerSlam3

    [countdown=07/24/2009 5:00 PM]SummerSlam3[/countdown]


    Urbana Girls Fastpitch and Urbana Youth Softball will be hosting a 2010 IFA National Qualifying tournament 7/24/09 thru 7/26/09.

    Tournament is Sanctioned IFA

    Teams must be sanctioned IFA

    It is $30 to sanction IFA


    (weather permiting)

    3 Pool Play
    dbl elimination

    cost $400
    Team trophies 1st and 2nd
    Individual awards 1st and 2nd
    Individual pool passes to all girls in the tournament compliments of the Urbana City Parks for use only during the tournament weekend
    There is a fully stocked pond next to the Diamonds.
    You do not need a Fishing Licence to fish there.
    50/50 drawing Last year the winner got $268
    Action photos
    Shaved Ice
    Full Concession Stand (WITH WALKING TACOS)

    Registration forms now online at our website http://eteamz.active.com/UrbanaGirlsFastpitch/
    Look in the handout section.

    For More Info contact Jon Allison summerslam3@woh.rr.com

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    Nicely done UrbanaFan, now we're talking! ;-) I really think this tourney will be a big hit, as it is pretty close to Cincy, Dayton and Columbus.
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    Jon please enter the 16u Marion Diamonds Patton team in your 7/24/09 tournament.

    Thanks Paul
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    Teams Entered

    10U 2 spots left
    1) LunaChix paid
    2) West Liberty Force Paid
    3) Marion Diamonds 10u Allen Paid
    4) Ohio Fire Deposit
    5) Cross County Cannons
    6) Buckeye Blast
    10u Waiting list

    12U Full
    1) LunaChix paid
    2) West Liberty Force paid
    3) Lady Irish Paid
    4) Hilliard Wildcats Blue Paid
    5) Marion Diamonds 12U Clark Paid
    6) Marion Diamonds 12U Slob Paid
    7) Ohio Fire Deposit
    8) Cross county Cannons
    12u waiting list

    14U Full
    1) LunaChix (Ehrenborg) paid
    2) LunaChix (Johnston) paid
    3) West Liberty Force paid
    4) Ridge Runners Paid
    5) Marion Diamonds 14U Queen Paid
    6) Hilliard Wildcats Blue Paid
    7) Lady Jewels
    8) Lady Mustangs
    14U waiting list

    16U 1 spot left
    1) LunaChix paid
    2) Marion Diamonds (Patton) Paid
    3) West Liberty Force paid
    4) Indian Lake Lady Hurricanes Paid
    5) Outcast
    6) Hilliard Wildcats Blue Paid
    7) Central Ohio Ice Paid
    16u waiting list
    Marion Merchants

    18U 3 spots left
    1) LunaChix paid
    2) Marion Diamonds 18U Cox Paid
    3) Dayton Yellow Jackets
    4) Westside Thunder Paid
    5) XPress (Eick) Paid
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    can you answer the following question?

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    Split them if need be. Follow up an age group if need be. I'm a good guy. I work anything out....lol
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    We just added 4 more diamonds for this tournament now we have 12
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    According to Quakerman here is an example for berth in this tournament:

    14U wins tournament berth will goto either 14U if team stays 14U in 2010.
    16U if team goes 16U in 2010 or both if team splits in 2010
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    I just want to add to Jon's post here. I will split the berth as it seems that people have been wondering on here. There is nothing I would ever do to make anything unfair. There is no politics in IFA. We are about the girls plain and simple and will do whatever it takes to make things happen for them.
    Just come enjoy Jon's event in Urbana. We hope to fill quickly. Grab those berths early for 2010 and then come play in the Fall for some major prizes in our IFA events.
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    So ohioquakerman are you saying that if a 14u teams wins the 2010 berth this fall and then the team has players who then go to play for 5 other teams will al 5 of those teams have the berth awards to them because they now have a player on that team that qualified fairly already. Not really sure where this stops when we begin to split, grant, assit and accomidate every possible senario. Trust me these questions will come up you can 100% guarantee that. I know that it is for the girls and all but does't qualifying actually have to mean something?
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    Choosen one
    I may be wrong, but the berth stays with the organization. If the team splits into two teams because of age then there would be two berths. No more than two. The berth follows the team/organization not the individual players.

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    It split in the organization only.
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    Teams Updated 11/15/08 4:30pm
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    Go LunaChix!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks Grandma
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    From What I am Hearing the IFA 10U World Series wil be played in Ohio in 2010 Also
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    Teams Updated but not confirmed yet
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    Teams Updated on page 1. Add the Marion Diamonds :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
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    Teams. Great news. I have secured 20 rooms at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Springfield. The rooms are dbl queen rooms, cost is $64.00.

    This motel is about 10 miles from the park in Urbana.

    Also there is great dinning all around this Motel. Applebees, Texas Road House, McDonald's, White Castle, Golden Corral, Olive Garden, Steak and Shake and more than i want to type.

    The Motel also has a swimming pool.

    When you register for the motel, just tell them your DD is playing in the SummerSlam3 tournament, and ask for one of the rooms i have reserved at $64.00.

    Hope to see a lot of teams Here in Urbana.

    Jon Allison TD

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