USSSA/Legacy - May 4-5, 2019 - Mid Ohio Sparta Shootout- 8U-12U B/C Teams

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    Highland Community Park
    6380 St Rt 229
    Sparta Oh 43350
    Note: There is a $5 weekend admission charge for this event.

    Sponsored by Legacy Fastpitch:
    3gg--max 4 teams got 8U
    4gg--max 8 teams for 10U
    4gg--max 8 teams for 12U

    5 fields, full concession, indoor bathroom facilities

    8U - $300 check
    10U/12U - $400 check

    Checks made payable to
    Legacy Fastpitch
    97 E 6th Street
    Fredericktown, Oh 43019

    Contact Travis Wright 419-560-3776 or

    All teams must be registered with USSSA. If team is not USSSA registered: Please click here to register your team for 2019: USSSA Team Registration Info.
    No team will be accepted unless your team has registered online.
    Link for the event is here: Mid Ohio Sparta Shootout


    1. Mid-Ohio Bullets 10u (C)
    2. Legacy 10u (C)
    3. Lewis Center Sharks 10u - Dipiero
    4. Lewis Center Sharks 10u - Sauer
    5. Central Ohio Pride 08
    6. Wolfpack-Stitzein
    7. JABC Riot 08
    8. MOV Pride 08 OH
    9. KL Athletics 10u

    1. Legacy 12u
    2. Mid-Ohio Freeze
    3. Perry County Phury
    4. Ohio Storm 07
    5. Mid-Ohio Bullets 07
    6. Mid Ohio Misfits 07
    7. Cap City Force 12u Fischer
    8. JABC Riot 07
    9. Mid Ohio Lady Bullets 06
    10. Wicked 07
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  2. Twright

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    Adding Diamond Dolls 12u
  3. Added Lewis Center Sharks 10u - Dipiero & Lewis Center Sharks - Sauer to the 10u. Welcome!
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  4. Added Perry County Phury to 12u. Welcome!
  5. Twright

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    Added Storm 07 to 12u Welcome
  6. Twright

    Twright Member

    Added mid ohio bullets 07. Welcome
  7. Added Ohio Storm '10 to the 8u division. Welcome!
  8. Twright

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    Added central ohio pride 08 thank you
  9. Added Mid Ohio Misfits to the 12u. Welcome!
  10. Twright

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    Added Cap City Force to the 12u division.
  11. Twright

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    Added Jabc Riot 07 to the 12u division
  12. Added Wolfpack-Stitzlein to the 10u. Welcome!
  13. Added JABC Riot 08 to the 10u. One spot left in 10u!
  14. Added Mid Ohio Lady Bullets 06 to 12u. One more spot in both 10u and 12u left.
  15. Twright

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    Added Wicked07 to the 12u division
  16. Added MOV Pride 08 OH to the 10u. We are filled!
  17. Added KL Athletics 10u. We can take one more 10u team!

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