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    Websites for organizations should be updated and in working order before first summer pitch. I look at some websites that have information from 3 years ago. A good website and profile pages costs less than $100 a year. Heck if you use a WIX site, its free. I can sit down and make a good site in less than 2 hours some of these sites look like they were created by 2 year old's.

    If your not going to host profile pages for the girls please use the NCSA or Captain U platforms in conjunction with your site.
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    Most teams have Facebook pages instead of website. Big mistake since most Facebook pages get less traffic then original old fashion websites. We spent over $5,000 dollars on our business website on Facebook. That was for marketing the page for one years plus other market campaign for Facebook.

    We get over 80% of are customers the old fashion way thru the website or by referrals. We have try to track customers that came from Facebook in the last five years and it's pitiful.

    Four customers in five years that have spent a total of $1250 dollars. We also post on four forum similar to this one thats for plumbing and Construction. We get many customers to are website thru these forums.
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    FB is a waste of time. Most teams can't even update that information. People just need to step up their game. You have girls depending on you to help them get seen. That's another thing. I have seen very little support from organizations getting their girls the correct information.

    Sending them to a meat market camp is not getting it done the correct way. IMO

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