What do coaches look for during tryouts?

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by Annleigh, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Annleigh

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    I'm hoping to gain some insight as to what coaches look for during a tryout?
  2. Passion4theGame

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    Naturally they are looking for the best possible players. However, that is not only based on how well the girls perform the skills on the field. Attitude, coach-ability, hustle, positive attitude and general athleticism are just as important. Most coaches will take girls with good skills, potential, attitude and hustle over well-skilled players with a bad attitude any day.

    This goes for parents as well. It’s a not so well kept secret that coaches draft the parents along with the girls. A parent who is negative, obnoxious to other parents, criticizes their player or worse other girls or is rude to the coach will make a coach think twice before drafting your child.

    I could make a long list but above is pretty much the skinny on the subject.
  3. Stedman00

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    i can tell you that skill of the player is part, as is hustle, attitude, wanting to work, effort etc. But also, if possible how did player look and act if you saw her play in a game. Was she Pouty Patty after a bad play? Or was she trying to help her team? Bad attitude, poor sportsmanship, shouting to mom 'get me water', etc. practically guarantees closing the book and walking away from a player.

    AND listening to parents. I can tell you hearing the parent yelling at DD during hitting reps at a tryout is a HUGE NO-NO. Even if the comments were exactly spot on as to what the player needed to fix. Any corrective or coaching type parent comments to player during a tryout are basically an instant ticket to the exit door.
  4. Stedman00

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    One other thing that people need to remember with regards to tryouts: Player X, might be the best player at position Y that the coach has seen. BUT coach might already have 3 players for position Y, and just not a space on roster for Player X.

    Putting together roster is not always about 11-14 of the absolute best players you can see. Having 10 power hitting 1B only types is no way to have a successful team, for example.
  5. daboss

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    Excellent comments by Passion4theGame and StedmanOO.

    For me, all the mentioned in the above posts but attitude during the tryout period helped me decide. No head-hanging if a mistake is made. No celebrating or acting like it doesn't matter. I don't care for players that are distracting others and not being respectful and attentive while we are working with them. Let's be business like and they can relax and enjoy each other's company between sessions. I like a player that still has 1 eye open and/or 1 ear tuned to the coaching staff and react to our call to come to us or report to your next station during tryouts or practice. Players don't need to try and be the team Captain or Sergeant and act like they are in a command roll. They can be overbearing and send the wrong message to staff and to the other girls around them. Lead by example. Instead of encouraging others to "Follow me" simply follow the instructions from staff and go do. To me it's distasteful when a player tries to overcome her shortcomings in talent and skills by trying to be something she's not. I'd rather see that girl tone it down and be more focused on what she can do to improve herself.
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    A good coach will look for someone they can mold and train to be a better player. Hustle, glove, good bat speed is all you really need to make a solid player.

    Then you have coaches that will replace girls already on the team with better ones,he does not have to teach. Thanks to the previous coaches. If you have a coach that says all positions are open on a returning team you need to run.

    I have so much more respect when a coach keeps his kids and just ads pieces when someone leaves.

    Of course none of this is true with a new team.
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