What makes teams A, B, or C?

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    New to travel softball and tournament play-
    What are A, B, and C teams and what constitutes each?
  2. I would simplify it like this:
    A "C" classed team: is a local REC all Star team
    A "B" classed team: has players from within a county or 2. Plays mostly within an hour and a half drive. Too good to play in REC all Star tournaments, not quite competitive enough to compete at big events.
    An "A" classed team: draws players from a larger geographical area. Plays out of state and top Ohio tournaments and can compete at that level.

    Thats how I feel it SHOULD be. You will find some A level teams listed as B and vice versa for a variety of reasons but in general this is the guidelines I would suggest.
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    Thank you!
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    As I understand it, a Class 'C' team cannot have anymore than four players on the team from outside the school district (regardless of where the player goes to school, they live in the district). REC All Star teams normally meet that criteria and can fall into that 'C' category, but also have their own designation as Class 'D'. Class 'A' and 'B' don't have any restrictions on where the players are from but are more about the level of competition that the team competes at. Class 'B' are most local travel teams and community based tournament teams while Class 'A' are your premiere showcase teams.

    All that said, I have yet to see anything that "officially" shows a definition of each class.

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