Where are the Hitting instructors in NE Ohio?

Discussion in 'Girls Fastpitch Softball Hitting Technical' started by Anthony, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    Looking ? Will travel. Lmk
  2. nwbackstop

    nwbackstop Member

    Micaela Minner
    D&M in tallmadge
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  3. denise_anngolf

    denise_anngolf New Member

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  4. bowmer

    bowmer Member

    Thank you for the responses. We are going to D&M with Micaela Minner
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  5. travelball

    travelball New Member

    Micaela is awesome. She really helped my daughter get on the right path to becoming a productive hitter.
  6. my daughter worked with Micaela.......awesome instructor and individual
  7. sittingonthebench

    sittingonthebench New Member

    Brian Rice
    Stark County Sports Complex
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