Who Controls Your Parents?

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    When someone is berating an umpire as happens every week out there, do you as a coach control your people? How do you handle them?

    I've seen a coach turn around and say STFU to one one time that's how bad it was.....

    Those college coaches really love those parents.......
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    I was going to reply to your other post until you deleted it.

    I'll say it as one of my daughter's former coaches told me:

    Kids play, parents watch, coaches coach.

    I jumped on an umpire about a call, and I got a scowling look I won't forget. He told me, I got that covered, you just watch ;)
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    Ha, Ha! Good one! This is a trick question, right? :confused:

    Parents are mature, responsible adults who control their own thoughts and actions. Why would they need anyone else to control them?

    Oh, wait...are we talking 10U here... :p
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    We keep it REAL simple. We tell our players if we have to rely on the umps to win a game for us we deserve to lose. If your a good enough hitter then it should never be an issue that the ump makes a mistake on strike three because the first 2 strikes are yours to do something with. If coaches don't react and players aren't allowed to react parents tend to be a lot quieter. This makes watching the other teams coaches acting like maniacs a lot more enjoyable for our dugout. DD has been taught to just hit the ball. Don't hit strikes, hit hitable pitches...there's a difference. Strikes are what the ump calls, hitable pitches are up to you.
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    Just a outstanding philosophy. Well said walkoff.. I can not tell you how many women in the WCWS looked at the third strike. Have to want to hit no matter the count. Parents whose kids look at strike three should not yell at the umps, rather teach them (their kid) to master the psychology of each at bat. You get three strikes and if your worried about the ump more then the decision to swing, its the wrong battle. The kid does not control the strike zone, pitch thrown, or umps call. They do control whether they swing or not. I love the kid who can go 10+ pitches, that's a QAB!. Parents should not argue balls and strikes anyways... When was the last time a ump reversed a call because he was yelled at by a coach or parent, on a ball/strike call?
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