Who has the nicest High Ball Diamond in 2021

Discussion in 'Photos and Videos sharing' started by Rerun, May 4, 2021.

  1. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    At your next game take a picture of your High School Ball Diamond. It really simple to take your picture and post it on the forum.
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  2. DLamb

    DLamb Active Member

    41531DE4-6016-4B47-9B11-D7AA9A855992.jpeg Siegfried Field. Home of the Franklin Wildcats.
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  3. CoachRonLMFP

    CoachRonLMFP Member

    I didn't take a picture, but I watched a game at East Central HS (IN) this past weekend and it was the nicest I've ever seen.
    full turf field.
  4. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Home of the Franklin Wildcats. Nice ball Diamond thanks for the picture
  5. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mason H.S. in Mason, Ohio looks like a college stadium.
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  6. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

  7. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Get some pictures
  8. Rerun

    Rerun Super Moderator Staff Member

    Maysville High School home of the Fighting Panthers

    71922206-60AC-4528-B286-F766629092AD.jpeg 2C636848-6264-4080-84AC-9DD8481B6FEE.jpeg A5CA69C3-ADC9-44B6-A658-146B114FE7BB.jpeg 1EE9B675-95C1-47C2-88CE-B52F02C33FFD.jpeg
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  9. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    very nice!!
  10. CARDS

    CARDS Well-Known Member

    Video of Mason Softball field/game

    There are several good ones in the GMC but Mason High school is head and shoulders above most HS facilities.

    Mason is a college set up with the press box, camera wells, handicap access, parking close to the field, concessions and restrooms in the stadium.
    Pitching warmup areas outside of dugouts etc...very nice...

    Indian Hill in Cincinnati like East Central has synthetic infield. The field has a brick backstop that looks nice. The the field is in an athletic complex for concessions and restrooms as well.
  11. Fastpitch1414

    Fastpitch1414 New Member

    Mason HS by a long shot. State regionals and quarters and always played there because of the facilities. Better than most D3 or NAIA college stadiums.
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  12. Bibb

    Bibb New Member

    In Ohio, it is Mason HS, and 2nd place is not close.
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  13. CARDS

    CARDS Well-Known Member

  14. CARDS

    CARDS Well-Known Member

    Better than many smaller D1 or DII including NKU...
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