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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by Seahawks02, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Seahawks02

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    My 04 daughter is currently on a team in Southwest Ohio. She is an amazing SS with no fear. She has been pitching for about 4 months and throws high 59s right now with a CU, SB and DB. True love of the game. Home to home in 11.2. Absolutely wide open speed. Good bat with solid power. Any openings to play if she’s available she would love it. 4th of July weekend she is definitely free.
  2. DiamondChix

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    My team is looking for a sub for GAPPS the weekend of 4th of July. If you’re interested email phillihe@gmail.com
  3. campagna1oh

    campagna1oh Member

    We are playing in Cinderella Classic in Ridgeville OH-interested?
  4. Blondie15Bright

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    Looking for someone for Mason, OH this weekend. Call or text 937-725-9495.
  5. coh1tlv

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    need a sub for 6-14 in Mason Ohio
    Buckeye Heat 04

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