12U Coaches Poll Pre Season (2-25-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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    12U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Tuesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
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    Use this thread to post results from this weekend or to post a little about your team with fall or indoor results that will help voters make informed decisions.
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    Ohio Outlaws Gerring are playing some really good ball right now. These are the results from our last 3 tournaments:
    Pumpkin Smash -
    Steel City Cyclones 06 W 11-5
    Wolfpack Scott W 5-0
    Midwest Texas Glory W 10-4
    Outlaws Winter Invitational
    River City Venom W 8-1
    Nitro Fastpitch 06 W 9-0
    Finesse W 5-2
    Steel City Heat 06 W 11-3
    Lasers Silver W 2-1
    Spano USA ENQ
    Ohio Storm 06 W 10-0
    Ohio Classics 06 W 6-0
    Finesse Giroux W 8-1
    Phantoms W 14-2
    Lake Erie Diamonds W 15-0
    Lasers Teal W 7-1
    Thunder Elite W 13-1
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  4. Nice fall and winter starting to come together. A lot of solid teams in Ohio and going to be very competitive and fun to watch it unfold.

    Beverly Bandits Fall Elite

    Maryland Heartbreakers W 2-0
    Beverly Bandits Demarini L 0-14
    Naperville Diamonds 06 L 4-5
    Finesse Skiba L 1-2
    Pitch For Cure ENQ - CHAMPIONS
    Ohio Express 06 W 12-2
    Ohio Hawks Emswiler W 16-0
    Central Ohio Pride 12U W 6-0
    Ohio Stingrays 06 W 9-1
    Halloween Bash ENQ - RUNNERS UP
    Blackwidows W 8-0
    Ohio Wolfpack Janinelli W 16-0
    Ohio Storm 07 W 13-1
    JABC Riot 06 W 14-7
    Lasers Teal L 5-10
    Ohio Wolfpack Janinelli W 4-1
    Lasers Team L 3-12
    Spano Dome ENQ - Semi-Finals
    Ohio Outlaws Gerring L 0-10
    Finesse Giroux W 5-2
    Ohio Classics 06 L 1-5
    Clarence NY Black 06 W 11-1
    Ohio Ice Black W 2-0
    Thunder Elite L 0-1
  5. Lasersteal06

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    Had a good fall. Had to work through a number of injuries and illnesses at our Spano tournies. Overall season record is at 34-7-2 in sanctioned play, with 3 1st place finishes, 2 2nd place finishes and 2 3rd place finishes. Looking forward to be being back at full strength for our spring and summer season.
    Lots of talented 12U teams in Ohio this year, it is going to be a fun summer.
    Spano Dome #2- tied for 3rd place

    W 12-0 The Lightning
    W 12-1 Ohio Scarlet and Gray
    W 18-0 Bo Jackson Elite

    W 9-0 Ohio Emeralds
    W 5-0 Ohio Classics
    L 1-7 Ohio Outlaws

    Spano Dome #1 1st place
    W 14-0 Pittsburg Spirit Gold
    W 12-0 Ohio Ice Orange
    W 1-0 Black Widows
    W 5-0 Akron Racers
    T 3-3 Michigan Warriors
    W 6-4 Thunder Elite

    New Years Bash 1st place

    W 12-0 Aftershock 11U
    W 8-0 Central Ohio Pride Black
    W 9-0 Central Ohio Ice
    W 7-1 LC Lightning
    W 12-0 Central Ohio Pride Black

    TOP Gun Invitational 2nd place

    W 14-0 Texas Glory Gold
    W 5-2 Indiana Heart
    W 6-4 Indy Edge
    W 9-2 Indy Crush
    W 12-3 IMG Gerth
    L 0-9 Indiana Dreams

    Halloween Bash 1st place
    W 13-0 SGS Magic Red
    W 15-3 Ohio Wolfpack Janelli
    W 4-3 Wizards Frenzy
    W 4-3 Wizards Frenzy
    W 11-5 Storm 06
    W 12-3 Storm 06

    Demarini Fall Brawl 2nd place

    L 4-7 WV Vipers
    T 3-3 WV Dusters
    W 11-2 Turning 2 Irwin
    W 11-1 Outlaws Shaulis

    W 8-5 WV Vipers
    W 10-0 Turning 2 Irwin
    L 6-7 WV Dusters

    USSSA Indiana Fall State (Tied for 3rd?)

    W 8-7 vs IMG Eckl
    W 5-2 Indy Shockwaves Tesnar

    L 6-7 Indy Gators Keller
    L 3-4 Indy Edge

    Crushing Childhood Cancer (Bracket play rained out)

    W 13-0 WV Dusters
    L 0-1 Ohio Classics
    W 8-2 Crush 06
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    Thunder Elite 06 has made two successful trips to Spano Dome in February. Congrats to Teal and outlaws on the championships.

    Spano Invitational
    Akron racers 06 W 2-0
    Steel city heat W 1-0
    Michigan Warriors L 4-1
    Pittsburgh spirit gold W 16-1
    Black Widows W 3-2
    Lasers Teal L 5-4 Ship

    19th Annual Spano dome
    Ohio Phantoms W 15-0
    Ohio Energy W 2-0
    Clarence Black (NY) L 3-2
    Finesse W 1-0
    Finesse W 5-1
    Ohio Storm 06 W 1-0
    Ohio Outlaws L 13-1 ship
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