12U Coaches Poll Week 13 (7-19-21) Get Your Votes In !!!

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    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
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    Coaches: Steve Williamson, Drew Rainey, Maddie Johnston

    We hosted the Emeralds Showdown this past weekend. Great teams, horrible weather, amazing softball! While our pool play games got rained out on Friday, we played 2 games indoors to help teams get games in. The entire event was blind drawn into split brackets. Gold or Silver had no relevance this weekend. While numerous “top level” teams attended the event, in my opinion, the gold was the harder bracket! We were placed in the Gold. We soundly beat Racers08 and then had a bad inning vs Hawks 08 Ford (runner-up Gold) that did us in! We went 3-1 on the weekend.
    There are never moral victories, but as we head into our last event of the year, I believe that we have competed with most of the teams we have seen at all the top events this year. I believe that every player on this team has gotten better, while playing every child in every game! We have had the same roster in every event except one in the fall when we had some illness and a last minute when we filled in for another “top”team that dropped out. Our pitchers have pitched every inning of the season! We won or lost with our girls!
    This has been a great year for us and as a true 11u team; we competed! I hope everyone has had a great year and continues to stay classy!

    Last event is World Series in two weekends!
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  3. kidbuckeye

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    Lasers Orange won the Ohio Emeralds Showdown gold bracket this weekend going 6-0. The rain killed pool play so they went to a blind draw. We had a tough path, but the girls played well and came out on top.

    Pool Play
    W Black Widows
    W Lady Aces

    Bracket Play
    W Ohio Emeralds 08- Lester
    W Thunder Elite- Vogan
    W Cobras
    W Ohio Hawks- Ford

    Lasers Orange Record 63-12-1

    vs Ohio teams 40-5-1
    vs Out of State teams 23-7

    ***Key Wins***
    Tennessee Mojo 2026 (TN)
    Indiana Gators Premier-Meyer (IN)
    Stingrays 08
    Finesse - Munoz x 4
    Ohio Hawks- Ford x 2
    Outlaws- Masiello
    Wolfpack-Wolff x 3
    Pittsburgh Spirit Gold (PA)
    Firecrackers-Klonica (MI)
    Thunder Elite-Vogan x 2
    IMG Bennett/Goddard (IN)
    Finesse-Davis (MI)
    WV Sting 08 (WV)
    Ohio Thunder 08
    USSSA Pride Navy
    Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners 08 (PA)
    Lady Rebels 08 x 2
    Eastern Area Tigers (PA)
    Ohio Emeralds 08- Lester x 2
    Ohio Hawks- Hutcheison
    Impact Gold 08 x 2 (TX)
    Firecrackers- Cromer (GA)
    Chattanooga Force 08 (TN)
    Clubhouse (FL)
    Epic National X08 (OK)
    IMG Linton (IN)
    CF Stars 09 (FL)

    We will be at Celine Wyatt this weekend in Dublin and have another matchup with Thunder Elite on Friday.
  4. Lasers Black 09 went 3-2 last weekend at the rain shortened Emeralds tournament. We were fortunate that we did get both of our Friday pool play games in before the rains came and washed away Friday afternoon/evening and all of Saturday. We were also blind drawn into the Gold Bracket on Sunday.

    Pool Play
    L vs Ohio Emeralds Lester 08 3-2
    W vs Akron Racers 09 13-1

    Bracket Play
    W vs Honey Badgers 09 8-0
    W vs Ohio Red Heat 13-0
    L vs Ohio Hawks Ford 08 3-1

    Off to Celine Wyatt next weekend which looks to be a fun, competitive weekend that features Wolfpack Wolff, Lasers Orange, TE Vogan, Hawks Ford, Stingrays 09 to name a few!
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    Cobras 08 (42-9) played in the Ohio Emeralds Showdown this past weekend and went 4-1 overall. We were lucky to get in 2 pool play games before the rain. Wins vs Lightning 12u and Ohio Emeralds Sirohman in pool play. We ended up in Gold Bracket in blind draw. Beat KLA 08 and Ohio Storm 09 before losing to Lasers Orange in semis. Only 1 left, World Series in Columbus. Good luck rest of way to everyone.
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  6. Amanda LaPoint

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    Finesse Munoz was off last weekend!! Enjoyed a much needed weekend off!!

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