12U COACHES POLL WEEK #2 (5-8-16) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    12U Coaches, Week #3. Typo by me

    Submit your top 10 to me by Monday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.

    You can PM me or email me at: steiner22ja@aol.com
  2. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    Lots of great games played this past weekend vs the Tops teams in the region.
  3. Vipernation21

    Vipernation21 New Member

    Central Ohio Lady Vipers 03

    The team went 5-2 in the friendlies at Rootstown. It was our first time being outside in 2016. We were rusty and a little nervous on Saturday, but came back Sunday and played really good ball.

    7 Vipers 5 Indy Dreams -win
    2 Vipers 5 Hurricanes - loss
    1 Vipers 7 Lasers - loss
    21 Vipers 3 Thunder Elite 04 - win
    15 Vipers 3 Thunder Elite 03 - win
    17 Vipers 8 PA Outlaws - win
    11 Vipers 4 Ohio Outlaws - win
  4. OHsoftball

    OHsoftball Active Member

    Lasers Black went 6-1 at the Thunder Elite friendlies in Rootstown. Nice job Thunder Elite BTW!

    OH Outlaws - win
    Wolfpack Roby - win
    CO Vipers - win
    Michigan Batbusters - win
    PA Outlaws - loss
    Thunder Elite - win
    Sundogs - win
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  5. homerin

    homerin Member

    Wizards elite 03 was idle this weekend.

    We are at Wizards Rising Starz ENQ next weekend.
  6. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    KAOS '04 went 4-2 this past weekend at the Lancaster Early Bird. Great weekend of Ball!!

    Road Runners- Won
    Gallia Threat- Won
    Ohio Storm 04- Won
    Cincy Slammers- Loss
    GC Vipers- Won
    Road Runners- Loss

    We are at Wizards Rising Starz ENQ next weekend. Should be a lot of great talent up there.
  7. tjsmize3

    tjsmize3 Active Member

    Outlaws '03 played some pretty good ball at the Thunder friendlies going 4-3. We had an opportunity to face 4 OFC top-10 teams and I just want to give props to each of them as they truly are very talented, well-coached and classy teams that we will look forward to facing as much as possible this year. We had very close games with Lasers and Hurricanes, but just simply did not continue to hit at the level the Sundogs and Vipers did in our games. Don't let the "friendly" part fool you... those teams brought it against us and did not let up. They earned my highest respect and go to the top of my OFC list for this week. We also had an opportunity to face WV Diamond Xpress, Michigan Batbusters Gold and Thunder '04 (outstanding '04 team!!!). Again, all very talented and well-coached teams! Thanks for the invite and well-run friendlies weekend Thunder Elite.

    L Lasers Black 5-6
    W WV Diamond Xpress 15-2
    W Hurricanes '03 4-2
    L Sundogs '03 13-2
    W MI Batbusters Gold 6-1
    W Thunder Elite '04 14-2
    L Vipers '03 11-4
  8. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    Outstanding weekend of softball. Played Some great teams. Although these are friendlies teams came to play!

    We went 5-1-1 for the weekend.

    Won 5-2 vs vipers
    Won 10-3 vs Thunder 03
    Won 7-2 vs indy dreams 03
    Tied outlaws 03 4-4.. Reverted back 4-2 as they were home team
    Won Thunder 04 10-3
    Won Diamond express 13-1
    Lost to MI Bat buster 7-4

    WSHEELY Member

    Sluggers 03 played this past weekend in the Streak Early bird tournament in New Middletown OH. We went undefeated and were tournament champions.

    Won 14-4 vs SilverCreek
    Won 14-0 vs Strike Force
    Won 9-0 vs Canfield Crush 03

    (Bracket Play was not pool protected)

    Won 16-0 vs Strike Force
    Won 8-0 vs Canfield Crush 03
    Won 5-3 vs Streak 03
  10. Softballfarm

    Softballfarm Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Thunder Elite 03 had a great time at our organization's sponsored friendlies in Rootstown Ohio. 7 games against some of the very best teams in our 5 state region is a nice and challenging way to spend our weekend. We went 1-6 on the weekend but we hold our heads high given the caliber of teams we played. I want to thank all the organizations that came and hope to see you again as this season continues.

    Our scores

    WVA Diamonds 8-7 L
    Sundogs 03 8-1 L
    Wolfpack 03 7-5 W
    Hurricanes 03 10-3 L
    Michigan Batbusters 13-2 L
    Ohio Vipers 03 15-3 L
    Indy Dreams 03 8-1 L

    All of the Ohio teams were impressive and it was nice meeting them all again. I must say the Vipers are an amazing offensive team. Sean has a very strong group!


    Joe Nay
    Thunder Elite 03
  11. Ohio Stingrays 04 played this past weekend in the LGSA Early Bird in Lancaster, Ohio. We went 6-0 and were tournament champions. There were a lot of good teams and outstanding coaching, looking forward to this summer. We are playing this weekend in Greenville, Kentucky at the Battle for the Barrel. Top 04 teams and some 03 teams such as Indiana Magic Gold 04, Alabama Outlaws, Worth Cobras, Tennessee Mojo, Birmingham Vipers, and many more. We are excited to see how we compete against some of the top teams from the South...

    Pool Play Games

    Won vs. Muskie Chix
    Won vs. Central Ohio Lady Vipers 04
    Won vs. GC Vipers

    Bracket Play
    Won vs. Cincy Slammers 04
    Won vs. Muskie Chix

    Championship Game
    Won vs. Road Runners
  12. FPDAD03

    FPDAD03 New Member

    Cincy Slammers '03 were off last weekend. We will be at Warm Up #2 @ The Creek this weekend.
  13. jg1235

    jg1235 Member

    Ohio Lightning Gold was off this past weekend. Our next tournament is our own Lightning Tournament being held March 20-22.
  14. init4all

    init4all New Member

    The dreaded revert back....unfortunately a uncompleted inning doesnt mean anything because you never know what would of happened. Fortunately these were friendlies so scores aren't as important as good reps...
  15. CarMad

    CarMad Member

    Sundogs went 6-1
    PA Outlaws took it to us. Good loss learned a lot.
    Lasers was a great back and forth game ended up 9-7 us. We won the toss and chose to hit. That's what you do when it's drop dead. They would have had time to hit again but it took a looong time for their catcher to come out and the big meeting in the circle had to be broken up by the ump. They are a really good team and these are just scrimmages so it really shouldn't matter.
    Other wins over Thunder Elite, Outlaws, Wolfpack, Indy Dreams and WV Diamonds.

    I really wish these games were not even scored. Trying to get ready for the season most teams were doing things they typically wouldn't do when it counts. I know we all play to win but when are you supposed to work on your game and let all your girls play with out being judged or voted on? At the end of the day the best teams will surface and everyone will know who they are.

    ** I say all that as I cast my vote!:)
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  16. OHsoftball

    OHsoftball Active Member

    Drop dead, revert back...can you call it a win if you have more at bats than the home team? Lasers and Sundogs were back and forth the whole game. Lasers were home team, winning the inning prior to time expired, had just got the third out. So according to revert back rules, Lasers "won". I really don't think they were worried about time limit as much as working on adjustments to be better next time. Win or lose...either way, would have been fun to play a full game.
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  17. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    The Drop Dead revert back is exactly what it states. Game ends at 80 minutes and the score reverts back to last completed inning. Its the only way to run a friendly if in fact you want to stay on time. Yes there are some hard luck losses in that format,but you see heartbreak losses in finish the inning as well.
  18. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    I totally get it. I just was not sure when reporting scores. I want to be clear, the Outlaws played very well and hit the ball, defensively they made plays. I am taking nothing away from them.

    As a team we wanted to work out some kinks. We moved the batting order around, worked on NOT throwing fastballs, defensive plays, and other stuff. Its what you do at a friendly, right?

    CarMad stated it well....

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  19. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    Not sure revert back does anything for anyone except create situations of "what if". I get the stay on time stuff, but in the sprit of the game finish the inning with the home team. This way there is no question. Just my .02. We are not talking about 3 inning ITB's. and hard luck loss? Not sure anything was on the line except for the poll? This event was a premier event with some great teams. I enjoyed seeing folks I had not seen since last summer, seeing the sun, and watching 12u softball!
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  20. Thunder Elite 04 definitely went through the meat grinder this weekend as the only true 04 team at the Thunder Elite friendlies. The scores and outcomes of our games definitely do not indicate the great experience and reps we had over the weekend. It truly was awesome being on the same field as some of these teams. It was great for my girls to see where we want to be in a year. We had some good innings and we had some very bad innings on the weekend. The bottom line is these girls did not give up, they played with heart and got better.

    We were 1-6 on the weekend.

    Loss vs. LIDS Indy Deams 03
    Loss vs. Michigan Batbusters 03
    Win vs. WV Diamond Express
    Loss vs. Central Ohio Vipers 03
    Loss vs. Ohio Hurricanes 03
    Loss vs. Lasers Black
    Loss vs. Ohio Outlaws

    Thank you to all teams in attendance and for being class acts for my team to look up to. We will be at the Breast Cancer Shootout this weekend!

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