12U Coaches Poll Week #3 (5-14-18) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    12U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Tuesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at: steiner22ja@aol.com

    I will post results on Wednesday.

    Jeff Steiner
  2. Jim Yates

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    Bandits Demarini Yates
    2nd Place TAR HEEL CLASSIC
    Rock City SC

    Wins against multiple teams ranked nationally. This was a great event.
    Birmingham Vipers
    Lady Lightning Select NC
    Atlanta Premiere 05
    Impact Gold 05 GA
    Birmingham Thunderbolts 06
    Georgia Power 05
    Georgia Impact Lewis

    Lost in the Ship to a very strong Tenn. MOJO

    Congrats to the Ohio Outlaws 05 Johnson for the Victory in Michigan!

    Also congrats to the rest of the Ohio teams who represented in Michigan this weekend.

    Next up

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  3. 1buckeyes

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    Lasers Silver played in Michigan this past weekend at the 12u Super Elite tournament. It was wonderful weather for ball, 35 degrees and rain, waited around all day Saturday before they decided to drop the loser bracket. We didn't play real well in the rain but, it was great for our young team to see how strong some of the best 05 teams are around the country.

    Congrats to Bandits and Outlaws, those are two very tough tournaments!

    Notable wins for us so far this year.
    Indy Gators 05
    Ohio Hawks 05 Galownia
    Michigan Turnin 2 05
    Pittsburg Spirit 05
    Central OH Ice 05

    We are headed to Zanesville this week for the USSSA Spring Classic and to Firefighters the following weekend.
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  4. Lasersteal06

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    Lasers Teal stayed local this weekend and played in a round robin down in Cincinnati going 4-0 against local 05 teams. The previous weekend, we won the LGSA Early Bird in Lancaster.

    Congrats Bandits! We watched the action on Game Changer and it was exciting! Glad to see all of the Ohio teams with strong showings out of state last weekend.

    Notable wins for us this far this season include:
    Ohio Ice Blue
    Ohio Hawks Galownia
    Finesse 05 Henegar
    MC Madness Soliz
    PA Strikers Premier/King

    Next weekend, we will be playing up in the 14U division of Warm Up#2 at Beavercreek then on to Firefighters.
  5. WWolff

    WWolff "Suck A Little Less Today"

    Johnson's Outlaws played in one of the strongest events in the country for 12U teams (USA Elite Selects Super Elite Midwest Championships)
    Beating a Nationally Ranked California Raiders 5-2 in the Championship, and were the only Ohio team advancing past the quarterfinals in this strong event.

    Some of their notable wins.

    Beverly Bandits Premier-Ranked 12th Nationally by Flo
    California Raiders Ranked 18th Nationally by Flo
    Indy Dreams-Poeck
    Indy Crush 05
    PA Strikers Premier
    NJ Pride
    Heartland Havoc

    No cake walk lol

    Next weekend Showdown-Crown Point Indiana
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