12U Coaches Poll Week # 3 (6-15-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    12U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. kidbuckeye

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    Lasers Orange '08 was in the Buckeye Elite Battle this past weekend. We squared off against all 07 teams and held our own. It is amazing the size differences in 07 teams and 08 teams. Lol. Hopefully, one day we will grow like that. Lol. It was a fun tournament and a great experience.

    Pool Play
    W Hawks 07 - Burton
    L Texas Glory 07 (eventual champ)
    W Buckeye Elite 07
    L WV Sting 12U - Nelson

    W WV Sting 12U - Nelson
    L Lasers Scarlet (Runner Up)

    We are in the USA State championship in Lancaster this weekend. There are some great teams in this so it should be a blast.

    2020 spring record: 7 - 3 - 1
    Championships: 1 (Ashland Summer Classic)
  3. BA824

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    Ohio Lasers Gray 07 played a 6 game friendly against 3 top 12u teams going 4-2

    vs #1 Ohio Stingrays 07... won 2-1, lost 4-1

    vs #4 Finesse-Hoverman...won 3-0, won 13-7

    vs Finesse-Hool...won 14-2, lost 5-0

    Going back to Fall Lasers Gray now have a 3-2 record vs Stingrays 07 and 3-1vs Finesse-Hoverman

    ADDED NOTE- I was called out for not adding indoor scrimmages to our record so adjusted above. Also want to add that we also had one Fall game with the other top team Outlaws and lost 2-1

    Sheer Madness Showcase this week
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  4. Shad28ford

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    Southern Ohio Force 08 (11U Team)
    Played in Lancaster USSSA Open State Ring Event (mike Craig)
    Went 7-0 on the Weekend and came out as CHAMPIONS. pretty big for this 11U group playing up with 12s (odd year)
    pool play
    vs Ohio Thunder 08 4-3 WON
    vs Wicked 07 12-11 WON
    vs OFC Heat 14-3 WON

    Bracket Play
    Central Ohio Pride 6-0. WON
    KL Athletics 07 8-0. WON
    Ohio STORM 08 2-1. (WELL COACHED TEAM and true 11U team will see them a lot in future)
    CHAMPIONSHIP Central OHIO ICE 07 VERY NICE TEAM and won 10-3 Like I said playing up and winning early is a BIG confidence boost for this southern OHIO GROUP

    7-0 on the weekend for this RUNT bunch.


    We are off this weekend and play PLAYING with Passion in Waverly OHIO June 26 weekend with 12 teams
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  5. JAK00L11

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    MOV Pride 07-Kuhl went 6-0 this weekend at the 1st Annual Buckeye Classic (formerly 12th Annual Mountaineer Classic) in Marietta, OH this past weekend outscoring its opponents 53-5. Notable wins were over OH Storm 07-Veno and River City Venom 07 (Pittsburgh, PA) in the Championship. This coming weekend we are in Lancaster at the Ohio USA State Tournament.

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