12U Coaches Poll Week #6 (5-29-16) Get Your Votes In !!!

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by oiler_pride, May 30, 2016.

  1. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    12U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Monday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.

    You can PM me or email me at: steiner22ja@aol.com
  2. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    Hurricanes 03 went 5-2 for the weekend. We lost in the winners semi final in ITB against the Sundogs 8-7 and then mother nature kicked in and we had the game called in a 3-2 end of four innings in the championship game. Played some great games and really had a blast in Dayton.

    Pool play
    won Vs doom 12-0
    won Vs Ice 7-4
    Bracket play
    Won Vs Ohio classics 8-0
    Won Vs Wizards Elite 1-0- This was a pitcher duel. Wizards have some outstanding pitching!
    Lost to Sundogs in ITB 7-8-
    Won 9-3 Vs Storm
    Game called in 4 innings and loss to Sundogs 3-2

    At six weeks in teams are starting to show what they can do. Our team has been able to play some of the top 5 or so teams and I can say these really are anyone's games. These polls are a ton of fun and I enjoy reading and posting.
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  3. Vipernation21

    Vipernation21 New Member

    Central Ohio Lady Vipers 03 went 6-2 in Dayton Metro and made it to the final four. We lost a tough early bracket game to Storm and spent most of our time in the loser's bracket. I'm proud of our girls fighting all day to get to the final four.

    Won 3-1 over Northern Kentucky Bandits
    Won 8-3 Classics 03

    Won 15-0 Classics 04
    Lost 3-2 Storm 03
    Won 7-5 Ohio Hawks 03
    Won 15-3 Ohio Thunder 03
    Won 8-7 Wizards Elite
    Lost 12-0 Storm

    We play seven games next weekend at Bat Wars in Columbus. I agree with the Hurricanes. The top five or six can beat anyone one any given weekend. Each weekend proves it. It is fun to watch.
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  4. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    KAOS '04 went 2-2 at Fire Fighters Memorial.

    Won 2-1 over Central Ohio Ice
    Won 7-0 over Cincy Slammers Gold 03(Forfiet)
    Lost 2-0 to Ohio Stingrays '04
    Lost 9-2 to Ohio Starz '03 (Gold Bracket Champions)
    Congratulations to the Staz '03 team! Coaches, girls, and parents all a great group!
    Starz '03 are very underated and over looked.

    In my eyes our little team is not a top 10 team but we only get better playing these great teams like the Starz, Stingrays, ect.
    We all know the top 5 or 6 teams can beat each other any given weekend. Like Hurricanes said its fun!
    We are not a top 10 but i vote every week for teams and with the shananigans this week it should be interesting.

    Jeff Hill
    KAOS Fastpitch '04
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  5. homerin

    homerin Member

    Wizards elite 03 did not finish where we wanted to, but we continue to show flashes. Still not playing to the level we were in the Fall and indoor season, but the girls continue to work hard and compete. As the other coaches mentioned, it is a grind with this group of 12Us this year with teams trading body blow after body blow. Fingers crossed we are finally back at full strength for Laser Nation.

    5th Place – Dayton Metro ASA/USA National Qualifier (2-3)
    Pool Play
    Won 10-1 over Storm 03
    Lost 0-3 to Ohio Thunder 03 (after hitting three out against Storm, our bats decided to take a game off)

    Bracket Play
    Won 9-4 over NKY Bandits
    Lost 0-1 to Hurricanes (amazing to watch these two pitchers take over a game)
    Lost 7-8 to Vipers 03 (we jumped out early but Sean kept his girls focused to come back and beat us. great group of girls and coaches)

    We are off till Laser Nation.
  6. CarMad

    CarMad Member

    SunDogs 03 went undefeated at Dayton Metro. Good games all weekend. Wins over Wizard Legacy, Ohio Hawks, Ohio Thunder, Ohio Storm and Hurricanes 2x.
    Like mentioned above you could have replayed the last couple weeks out and had different winners each time. It's a lot of fun.
  7. OHsoftball

    OHsoftball Active Member

    Lasers Black is at the Memorial Day Madness in Chambersburg, PA.
    6-0 in pool play:

    10-0 win over Stealerz (VA)
    15-2 win over Xplosion(VA)
    9-1 win over Lazers Blue(MD)
    9-1 win over Outlaws 04(PA)
    9-3 win over Great Falls Sharks(VA)
    11-2 win over Heartbreakers(MD)

    We are the #3 seed out of 76 teams.
    Won first game in Gold bracket against Nitro Fastpitch (PA) 11-3.
    Next up, Empire State Huskies at 1:00.
  8. FPDAD03

    FPDAD03 New Member

    You can say what you want Jeff. You got run ruled 13-1. After the game you proceeded to tell our 12 year old girls and coaches how great and classy we were. Then we find out that you went and complained that our 12U pitcher was also playing 14U. It clearly states in the ASA rule book that a player can be rostered in two different divisions. Just not the same division. The only stipulation in the rule book is for pick up players which she is not. She is on our roster and has been all year. Bottom line, you got run ruled by a purely 12U team then did whatever you could to take that away from 12 year old girls. The players got punished for something they have no control over. Warren has yet to show us the code in the rule book that has been violated.

    Slammers '03
    Win over Stingrays 04 7-0 (then later protested and turned into a forfeit as Stingrays wanted to be in the gold bracket)
    Win over Kaos 13-1 (protested as mentioned above)
    Win over C.O. Ice 10-0
    Win over Glory 19-1
    Win over Cincy Shock 14-1
    Win over Starz 04 7-0
    Win over OFC Heat 12-2
  9. Storm_sevens

    Storm_sevens New Member

    Ohio Storm 03 played in the Dayton Metro and as mentioned by a few above, over the last two weekends the teams in the top 5-6 who have played each could go either way. We continue to grow and get better and playing the competition we've been playing is only helping.

    Overall record 5-2 (Dayton Metro - 3rd Place)
    Pool Play
    win over Ohio Thunder 13-4
    Lost to Wizards Elite 10-1

    Bracket Play
    Win over Ohio Ice Orange 12-0
    Win over Lady Vipers 3-2
    Lost to Sundogs 8-5
    Win over NKY Bandits 9-7
    Win over Lady Vipers 13-0
    Lost to Hurricanes 9-3

    Next tournament is Lasers
  10. Rose

    Rose Member

    Ohio Stampede 03 did not play this weekend, and next up for us is Bat Wars at Berliner this coming weekend. Cap City Challenge it may be called now. The following weekend we will be playing in the Outlaws Invitational at North Ridgeville. I don't normally quote on here about things I didn't see, but I think it was a weak move by Jeff and KAOS 04. Always let the girls decide what happens on Sunday, regardless of what you think. Take your beating and move on. The kid pitched down because she can in a good tournament.
  11. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    It was a 8-1 final Score on that game.
    Regardless it was a forfiet.
    HANDS DOWN Cincy Slammers 03 is a better team than our '04 team. We threw our 2,3,& 4 KNOWING the out come and saved our #1 for Ohio Stingrays '04 (a TRUE Class act group)
    Coach Julie knew going into the weekend she was not allowed to have the SAME player on 2 different rosters in the SAME tournament.
    AND yes YOU pulled the wool over our eyes making us believe your classy.. You Coach have no Class and that team of parents and girls are better than you.

    You think you are above all Julie. Nobody said Slammers are not better than our team.

    By the way, One of your parents came over and thanked us.

    Jeff Hill
    KAOS Fastpitch '04
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  12. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    We ALL have to play by the rules. Why not her?? I'll take the bashing. We didnt celebrate a win after that game. It was simply done to prove a point. It sucks the Girls had to pay for her silly decision thinking she can do what she wants. Not just one forfiet but 2.
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  13. Caines03

    Caines03 New Member

    Our team has played slammers 3x now. Julie is a class act who hands down, right now coaches the best team in Ohio. As this can change, her integrity is above reproach. She does not willie nillie this. I think as long as there is not 14 yr olds on the team bring the best players you got. I don't care where they come from. The rostering issue is a non event unless you lose. No one protests, when they win, for the good of the game. Again play the best group of kids you can. Worrying about 1 kid? Give me a break. I get the rules and we all have to play by them. If the protest was upheld and it was so be it. However put the best group in the field and let's play. You got better playing better . Simply tip your hat and move along.
  14. FPDAD03

    FPDAD03 New Member

    That was not Julie posting. She can speak for herself and can repeat her conversations with Mendy, Warren and John. The score was 13-1 run rule. I had the book and am the assistant coach on the team. I was standing their when you awarded the player in question your MVP pin before you turned her in. Julie's daughter is 12u and plays on both teams. Show me the rule that was violated. If you can show me the rule, I have no problem with disciplining the coach. But not the kids who have no idea what is in the rule book.
  15. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    If they are the BEST team in Ohio then why weren't they at Dayton Metro??
    Look we take our Lumps and never give up. We took 2 from Wizards Elite 03 (Power House Class Act) in less than 24hrs apart!
  16. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    I agree the girls should not of been punished. The coach absolutely!
  17. tjsmize3

    tjsmize3 Active Member

    On a side note... Outlaws '03 off this past weekend. We will play Beverly Bandits Ball '03 and MI Bulldogs '03 Saturday in the Ohio PGF Nat qualifier this coming weekend in Rootstown. Looking forward to great competition!
  18. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Active Member

    I never said we beat you. Clearly a forfiet. Your teams a top 10 '03 team. We enjoy taking lumps from solid '03 teams to simply make our girls better. They never give up and always have fun and grind theough it and learn. We either win or learn. Simply put.
    Bash away. I'm ok with that. She was simply put in her place this weekend. She was clearly told no before the tournament by Bill amd Mendy Moore.
    You didnt hear me complaining when Wizards Elite '03 smashed us not once but twice! You didnt hear me complain when Starz '03 put it on us. We take our lumps every weekend.
    Besides i never once said our team is better than ANY of the top 10 teams let alone Slammers '03.
  19. FPDAD03

    FPDAD03 New Member

    Don't question our schedule. We already have an ASA/USA birth. We have played most of the top teams and will play them again throughout the season. They are all outstanding and I would bet that none of them would have protested. The player in question is 12 not 14.

    Show me the rule! I can't find it in the ASA rule book or in the tournament rules. Show it to me, then you prove your point
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  20. Longtoss1

    Longtoss1 New Member

    Wow....when I first got on here I thought I had made a mistake and clicked on the 10u thread instead. Guess I will get my popcorn ready and enjoy the show....and I was wondering what I was going to do today...lol

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