12U Coaches Poll Week #6 (5-29-16) Get Your Votes In !!!

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by oiler_pride, May 30, 2016.

  1. theparrothead75

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    Had the privilege of watching my daughter pitch to this solid lineup twice at this tournament.....great group of players.
  2. Zoldan9

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    Ohio Blast '03 went 7-0 this past weekend to win the Thunder Elite Perfect Storm Tournament. As the number one seeded team in our pool, bracket wins were:

    9-1 over Silver Creek RAW
    10-3 over Thunder Elite 04
    12-4 over Thunder Elite 03
    12-4 over Ohio Attack 03
  3. Bandits03

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    The Northern Kentucky Bandits (not involved in the poll) played the Dayton Metro this past weekend. It was a very strong field. I couldn't be more impressed with the Wizards 03 and the Vipers. Very strong teams, well coached, and class acts. There's a lot of great competition in OH this year in this 03 class. Week to week, polls will fluctuate with the solid parody.
  4. Captain_Thunder

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    Well sad, Julie!!!
    I'm curious as to why the 12U team had to FF? Did the 14U team FF?
    Were they given the option? Sounds like 12U team is going to play in ASA/USA Nationals - so she is def staying on that roster.....Seems like the FF's would have happened in the 14U Division if they were going to happen.
    While a couple of teams benefited from this - the losers were the teams who were hoping to compete in the Silver division, now having to show up early to play one, if not the best team, in Ohio & then go home! Too bad for those girls..........SMH
  5. Thunder Elite 04 had an overall record of 2-3 at our own Perfect Storm Tournament. We will continue to plug away and improve this weekend at the Valley Extreme Summer Starter. Here were our results....

    Loss vs. Ohio Energy 03
    Win vs. Poland Pride
    Loss vs. Wolfpack 04
    Win vs. Ohio Blast 04
    Loss vs. Ohio Blast 03

    I will say this. The Ohio Blast 03 that won our Perfect Storm Tournament has a ton of talent. They are going to have a very fun summer.
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  6. Vipernation21

    Vipernation21 New Member

    I appreciate the kind words. You should also be very proud of your team. The Hurricanes are legit. You guys will be a threat each and every weekend. I also enjoy watching teams that are well coached. You have all the boxes checked!

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