12U Coach's Poll - Week of 5/19/08

Discussion in 'Coaches Polls' started by TheRinger, May 21, 2008.

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    1st place votes in ( )

    [tr][td]Rank[/td] [td]Team[/td] [td]Pts. [/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]1[/td] [td]Cincy Doom 95 (4)[/td] [td]80[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]1[/td] [td]Stingrays (3)[/td] [td]80[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]3[/td] [td]Valley Extreme White (1)[/td] [td]58[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]4[/td] [td]Ohio ICE (1)[/td] [td]48[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]5[/td] [td]Laser Gold[/td] [td]41[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]6[/td] [td]Emeralds[/td] [td]38[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]7[/td] [td]Ohio Classics[/td] [td]30[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]8[/td] [td]Roadrunners (Zanesville) ? ? ? [/td] [td]25[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]9[/td] [td]Ohio Top Guns[/td] [td]17[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]9[/td] [td]Buckeye Heat 95[/td] [td]17[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]9[/td] [td]Laser Silver[/td] [td]17[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]10[/td] [td]Wild Thangs[/td] [td]13[/td][/tr]

    Others receiving votes
    Cincy Static (9), Ohio Magic Teal (3), Dynamite (2), Diamond Dogs (1),
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    Are the Ohio Emeralds the Emeralds Black that played in the fall tourney in Pittsburgh last year (2007)? Meaning, do they pretty much have that same roster of players this year? Very good team.

    These polls are great. Remember, its all for fun.
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    A-Train could give you a more accurate answer but from what I gather from him lately it is mostly the same team from the past two seasons. It is the Emerald 'Black' team. They are playing in North Ridgeville this weekend.
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    yes this is pretty much the same team that played in the pittsburgh tournament. Thanks for the good words krm.

    Rick Bowers
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    we have played 4 of the top 10 teams ?( Stingrays, Lasers Gold , Classics and Buckeye Heat 95) .

    Stingrays - Great #1 pitcher (Lil-Coop) and solid hitting .
    Laser's Gold- Solid top 3 pitchers and good hitting .This team may be better than Silver .
    Classics -Good #1 pitcher and good hitting ( some big girls)
    Heat 95- Good pitchers 1-3 and good hitting.

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