Any concerns on DeWines press conference today?

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    My cousin, an Orthopedic Surgeon in NC, came home this weekend to visit. He was telling us that in NC at least, if he went in and tested positive for Covid-19, they did a follow up test in a couple of days, another after that and another, if all were positive, it would be reported as 4 positive Covid-19 cases.
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    @yocoach EXACTLY!!! I bet the real stats are off by 50% - 60%or more... do we shut down the country when 35k people die every year from the annual flu ? NO WE DONT> this is a bunch of boo hockey. sorry but i dont beleive half of this crap and now i hear deWINER threatened to shut the whole state this coming week....

    if governors are going to run their states based on FAKE numbers.... think about what their agenda really is. you say it aint political.? OPEN YOUR EYES :eek:

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    I have posted this on this forum before and my basic message is... Just wear a f#cking mask at indoor facilities and maintain social distancing at outdoor functions. I don't care what countries test a lot, what countries test a little- this is NOT a phantom virus. Would you be upset if the chef at your favorite restaurant didn't wash his hands after taking a dump? Why are there health codes at restaurants? why are their speed limits? Why do they check ID's when young people buy alcohol? are we infringing on your civil rights by doing this?
    I am a surgeon. I am not in North Carolina. I have seen Covids that are sick. All I am asking is be careful and DO NOT GET THIS VIRUS. That includes you DanMAZ. JUST DON'T GET SICK!!!!!!!

    To address the numbers compared to the regular influenza? Covid is so much more contagious and has killed AT LEAST 2-4 times many people in half the months. And that's with the shutdown. Imagine the numbers if there were no shutdown....
    There should be nothing political about this. If you really think this is a hoax please volunteer at your local hospital ICU without a mask on...
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    The guy knows what hes talking about...
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    Dan ... DeWine is Republican. What on earth does he have to win politically by shutting down the state? Maybe he’s just trying to do what’s best for us ... trying to balance our health and economy at the same time?? And this is not the regular flu that comes around every year. It’s far more deadly and would have taken an even heavier toll had we not had the social distancing and shutdowns early on. Did you follow what was happening in NYC early on?? My son is a physician assistant in Manhattan ... there’s not been anything close to this in our lifetimes ...
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    thats fake news coach. the numbers are bloated. i agree to disagree.
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    thats funny
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    far more deadly than what fake numbers? pleeeeeeease. NYC death capital of the world because Cuomo is an idiot and put positive covid patients in the most vulnerable situation possible killing thousands. . ..
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    Ugh ... fake news, fake numbers ... it’s impossible to intelligently debate when the conspiracy theories are used to discount all of the facts and science. I’ll try to stick to posting about softball here ... it’s just so sad to me that our country has such divisiveness over what’s happening and so much of the population won’t accept what even the people on the front lines of this battle are saying, and even more sad that it’s being encouraged by someone who is supposed to be leading us. May God help us all.
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    bottom line nobody really knows the truth thats why i keep saying what i said b4. fake numbers, fake news how can science be science if the numbers and mortality rates are all not true
    2 + 2 (numbers) = 5 (science) ?
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    who said hoax ? i agree this should NOT be political and I never said it was a hoax but it is definitely being used as a tool and leverage POLITICALLY. if you dont see that then i dont know who or where u get your updates or news from. watch some of the white house daily presses... go back watch ones from last week the week b4 and so on... Kay MAc puts the lies back in the faces of the so called reporters that everyday continue to try and take down our POTUS. YES IT IS POLITICAL.
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    FORT MYERS, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health in its daily COVID-19 report lists multiple laboratories throughout the state – many of them small testing sites – with 100% positivity rates, but Southwest Florida's dominant hospital system said Wednesday it is incorrect to say 100% of their labs are positive.
    The Lee Health hospital system is reporting that its laboratory testing of potential COVID-19 cases has shown an overall positivity rate of about 18%, despite the state report showing that ALL people coming in for testing at some of its labs have the novel coronavirus.

    fake numbers are fake or real ? this is why many people want to say FU to governors and masks and mandates and then the news turns it and blames it on Trump. lol yup as usual. Trumps fault for everything.
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    For every "fake/inflated numbers" article, there are fact check articles to debunk. Who knows what to believe?

    The only thing that matters is, just be careful. Wear a mask inside and stay the hell away from people.
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  16. Positivity rates greater when we were locked down without mask mandates. I have seen more mask last 2+ months than first 3+ months. I love the people who say go to ICU unit without a mask. Get upeup until you die and get a swab stuck up your nose until you die.
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  17. I'm promoting getting tested every day until we all die. If you don't have the virus you don't need a mask. If you do you must stay home and away from any other living person until you test negative 2x minimum. Pretty simple sacrifice
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    If we all could actually get tested everyday AND know the results immediately, that would be great I agree. But apparently that is not possible. Only a small percentage have been tested and to get tested in many places means people sitting in lines of cars for 8-10 hours a day. And then it’s taking anywhere from 10-18 days to get the results back.
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