ANY Interest in SW OHIO for this type Clinic???

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    I'm curious if teams in SW Ohio might be interested in participating in a clinic of this type sometime this winter/spring? So, the questions would be:

    1. Would you be interested in participating
    2. What AGE groups would benefit most
    3. When would be a good time (Christmas Break would SEEM to be good to me with everyone off from school for a bit)
    4. What would you like to see: Pitching, Hitting, Defense or Everything in a 1-Day clinic
    5. What would you be willing to pay for a session (Assuming multiple sessions for 1-player would received a discount)
    6. Baseball/Softball or both
    7. Locations.......any suggestions about where we might host something like this (Looking for suggestions here)

    If we find a location and we work to get this clinic here would you make it worth our efforts to bring them in? Notice I didn't say time/money. We (ASA District 4; Region 9) would work to get them here but we would need a facility AND enough participants to make it worth hosting!

    , long term is to bring teams that may live in District 4; Region 9 but are part of another ASA affiliations back to OHIO and give the girls here some of the attention/training/experience that this part of the state is lacking!

    We aren't looking for money from something like this; we want it to benefit YOUR TEAM(S) and all of the girls in District 9!!!

    We want good teams, good competition and when we host tournaments we want to bring the best in the state HERE for you to play against, measure your teams abilities against and learn what your strengths and weaknesses are so YOU know what you need to work on to be the best! I believe he was right when he said (referencing Ric Flair here; :cool:) "to BE the Man you gotta BEAT the MAN.......WOOOOOOOOOO"!!!

    You have to play the best to be the best and use each game as a measuring stick to make your team better; you can't be afraid to lose you have to look at losing as a learning experience and find ways to be better each and every game.

    We WANT to bring that type of competition and attitude to SW Ohio and we need YOU to make that happen.

    Let me know what you think is a fair price for individual instruction and some dates that might be good for the masses as well as your team!

    MANNINO?S GRAND SLAM SOFTBALL/BASEBALL SKILLS CLINIC with Karen Linder, 4 time MAC Coach of the Year and Emma Johnson, KSU and PA Rebellion NPF pitcher

    Hitting Clinic - Baseball and Softball
    The hitting clinic is designed for the player that wants to develop and fine tune their swing in the off-season. Our staff will use a combination of drills and live batting practice, to evaluate and improve hitting techniques and mechanics. Numerous drills to pick from to incorporate into your pre-game routine. Take advantage of this program in the off-season...hitting is a difficult skill that needs constant repetition.

    Pitching Clinic - Baseball and Softball
    Pitching mechanics are a must to be a successful pitcher. Mechanics and fundamentals will be stressed and enhanced. Learn different grips and improve upon your secondary pitches. Through evaluation of mechanics and throwing drills, each player will have a better understanding of how they can improve velocity and movement. Players will be taught pre-game routines, stretching and arm strengthening exercises that will improve their pitching.

    Infield Clinic-Baseball and Softball
    Infield Clinic will stress all aspects of fielding technique, foot work, glove work, positioning, double plays and more. All infield positions will be covered for both middle infielders and corners. This is a great opportunity for players to work on the specifics of playing infield.

    Catching Clinic-Baseball and Softball

    The Catching Clinic will focus on perfecting the fundamentals of catching. Receiving, blocking, bunt coverage, framing, calling pitches; throwing velocity and quickness of ball release will be fine-tuned. This is ideal for catchers who want to take their game to the next level. Mental discipline will be stressed in the development of the defensive skills of the game.

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    Rialto Sports Liberty Township. The old SWOBAT facility has the space and is looking to advertise itself.

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