Anything indoor other than spano dome?

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  1. We aren't planning on doing any USA softball events this year, so it seems like quite a hassle to register for spano dome with all the requirements. Seems to be a bit much.

    What are the other indoor options in Ohio for 10U?

    Its sad they have all the tape to get through, because I always enjoyed spano dome over the years with my older teams.
  2. cam.p22

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    Bo Jackson's Elite Sports in Hilliard will be posting our Winter dates very soon! We will be holding 4 team round robins as well as weekend tournaments at our facility in Hilliard, Ohio.

    We have a 114,000 square foot indoor turf facility that will exceed any Spano dome feels you may be having ;)
  3. Dawgsdad

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    Rialto sports in Cincinnati
  4. Kalins1

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    When will you be posting? Will these be 9v9?
  5. Passion4theGame

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    Yes. 9 vs 9! Full infield and outfield walls roughly 175-185ft from home plate. 75ft high ceiling!!! AMAZING place to practice and play!
  6. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

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