Attending Geroge Floyed protest, college players now testing positive corona - 19

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by TheSoftballZone, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. TheSoftballZone

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    Returing college footbal players that attended George Floyd protest rally are now testing positive for coronavirus.

    Unfortunately attending mass gather even outdoor has College Coaches concerns as returning College Football players are now testing positive for Corona - 19.

    I'm not really sure what this means when it come to softball tournaments. But I'm sure it something we all need to be concerned with and take every precaution we can when attending tournaments.
  2. HITTER23

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    Does this surprise you? They said there would probably be a upswing in cases when things opened up let alone things like these huge gatherings .
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  3. OHsoftball

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    ONE player has said he tested positive after a rally... but didn't the "rallys" just start a few days ago? The incubation period for covid is 1-2 weeks. There's no way to know where anyone actually picked up the virus. The Marshall players were asymptomatic and no mention of attending protests.
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  4. DanMaz

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    true! you really cant tell when or where you got covid if you test positive for it.... so I was wondering where this was reported.
    I will say, i just got back from Myrtle beach the other day. I was there for a week. The beaches were packed. Resturants were 70% filled and i would say about 95% of all people were not wearing masks. I feel fine after being there. :)
  5. OHsoftball

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    I was also there last week. Never would have imagined it would be so busy. Like you said, beaches, pools, stores and restaurants were packed. But so far, no spikes in Myrtle Beach...
  6. Captain_Thunder

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    Today is Wednesday. Protests started over the weekend. How do they get tested, results, and explanations in no time????
    They still tell any other person to call your doctor and stay home if you think you have symptoms, to not.go to the hospital. Yet these people already know...
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