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Discussion in 'The Umpires Life and Rulings' started by Stedman00, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Stedman00

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    So, here's the scenerio we had past weekend at Berliner. Didn't directly cause us to lose, but had big impact regardless.

    runner at 1b, no out, 2-2 count on batter. High chopper to 3b, before the bag.. 3B has feet in fair territory, CLEARLY reaches out and fields ball that is in FOUL territory. When I mean clearly, i mean at least 18-24" outside the foul. Throws to 1b. ump rules out 5-3.

    When questioned, the reply was "her feet were in fair territory, therefore fair ball". And when home plate ump got help from field ump, field ump CONFIRMED this erroneous ruling.

    I know I would have won the protest, but the wallet was in the truck, far away. I did well, to not completely lose my mind and get tossed. Worst call I've seen in a while.
  2. yocoach

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    Right or wrong, it's their ruling and either deal with it or protest. That means make the 4 mile walk for your wallet. You really don't have the right to B!tch about it unless you made the protest and the UIC confirmed it. It's on you, not them, if it affected the outcome of the game and you didn't do something about it.
  3. Stedman00

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    except the whole part about "knowledgeable crew of umpires" in the rules packet. And also, in re-reading the rules provided, there are no protests permitted (I confused the age protest and $100 fee, with game protest) So, once the 'knowledgeable crew" both screwed up one of the simplest rules in the game, we were stuck with their inept ruling.
  4. yocoach

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    That's an entirely separate issue you've introduced to the conversation. If no protests were allowed, then I'd have brought the rulebook out and asked them to point out where in the rules it said that. I'd have probably been tossed for it but I'd have made my point. On the other hand, had they been reasonable and wanted to get it right, they'd have looked, seen that they were wrong and reversed their ruling (which rarely happens but they'd have made a make-up ruling in your favor in the future although that is VERY wrong also...but it happens more often than not).
  5. jt7663

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    On another Berliner Topic ........ When asking Blue regarding the "Non existing Batters Box" how Batters (4 One Game) were standing on the Plate & Taking the HBP sometimes leaning over plate to get their base. Blue admitted he had to guess where Batters Box was??
  6. BretMan2

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    This foul ball ruling is bad. Really bad. That’s first year, umpiring 101 stuff.

    That it took TWO umpires to to make such a horrible ruling just makes it twice as bad!

    This is why I hate that tournaments charge exorbitant fees to file a protest. The rule book doesn’t call for a fee. That’s something that the tournaments come up with on their own.

    A protest is the only recourse a team has to correct a horribly misinterpreted rule like this one. You set things straight and the umpires would learn something. That means that they’d probably never make that same mistake again.
  7. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    On the batter’s box...

    An umpire should have some good idea of the batter’s box dimensions and their relation to home plate. And even if there are no lines on the ground, all of the rules pertaining to batter’s boxes still are in effect.

    The box is six inches away from the side of the plate. It’s pretty easy to see if a batter’s foot is closer to the plate than six inches, especially if they’re almost touching it.

    And the batter’s box has NOTHING to do with a batter leaning over the plate. You don’t need a box or a line on the ground to see that!

    There’s no reason why a competent umpire can’t enforce the batter’s box rules, and the rules about a batter leaning over the plate, even if there are no lines drawn on the ground.

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