Biggest need in softball......UMPIRES !! Training starts Sun. 10/27.

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    This is an opportunity to obtain your OHSAA officiating permit and USA Softball
    registration in a two day session. Registration is currently open.
    • Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 8AM to 6PM
    • Sunday, November 17, 2019 - 8AM to 6PM
    • Class will include instruction in OHSAA and USA Softball
    Class will include:
    • rules as well as umpire mechanics.
    • This is an accelerated classroom and participation school designed to help new umpires learn as quickly as possible.
    Wear comfortable clothes and gym shoes. The OHSAA online examination and scrimmage opportunities
    are part of this course and will be offered after the conclusion of the class.

    Cost and New OHSAA Registration Process
    • Only $125 per student – includes all instruction, books, materials, and testing fee foryour OHSAA permit. All registration is handled on line with payments by a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. To register follow the steps listed on the page below.
    Optional USA Softball Registration for 2019 will be offered at no additional cost to the
    student. The normal fee for USA Softball registration is $45 so there is a significant
    savings for all students!

    There is a tremendous need for new softball officials. We will work to insure that you
    begin your career at a level where you are comfortable - whether it is school games or
    recreation softball. OHSAA has targeted recruiting Minorities and Females into the
    officiating ranks and while most students have typically been adults, OHSAA regulations
    now allow high school students of all ages to participate in these classes.

    NEW FOR 2019!!
    Any person 18 and under that signs up for the class will be
    sponsored by a private Non Profit company. After the student completes the course
    and works at least 5 regular season games during the 2020 OHSAA Season, the student
    will receive $100 back per the sponsorship.

    1) Click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your browser.

    2) Once you so this you will arrive at the "Log On" page. This page can be identified with a
    picture of 4 officials on the left side of the screen (under the OHSAA logo).
    3) Unless you are already an OHSAA licensed official in another sport, click on "register".
    (highlighted in orange) This will take you to the DASHBOARD.
    4) Once at the DASHBOARD, you will be asked to "please head over to your profile and
    complete your contact and official information. On the left side of the screen click on
    "Contact Information" and fill out the information listed. Please make sure you answer
    the question about any possible felonies.
    5) After you complete your contact information, click on "Choose Sports" and select the
    sports you are interested in officiating –softball.
    6) You are now set to take a look at and register for our course. To get to this area, you
    must click on the orange silhouette or the word "official". Although still on the
    DASHBOARD, you now have access to every course offered throughout the state of
    Ohio. Click on "Select a Course" and it will list all the softball courses offered. You can
    find our course directly by typing "Burwell" in the search box.
    7) At the bottom of our course information page you will see a "Signup" button. Hit that
    button and complete the form.
    8) Your will receive a confirmation of your registration and your books will be available at
    the first class.
    9) If you have questions please contact Mike Burwell by email:
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