Cannot play 2 contests on the same day. Unless it the same team.

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  1. BruisedShins

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    Not sure what you're reading. The order permits "one contest or game in any calendar day." Here's the exact language from the current version of the order.

    To limit exposure of players, Sports Participants shall not compete in more than one contest or game in any calendar day, unless it is against the same team or player as in the initial game or contest, and no sponsor, owner or manager of a Sports meet, event, tournament or competition shall offer Sports Participants the opportunity to compete in more than one contest or game in any calendar day, unless it is against the same team[ s] or player[ s] as in the initial game or contest.

    For purposes of this Order, "contest" means a meet or match in which multiple teams engage in a single competition. Examples include cross-country meets, golf matches, bowling matches and tennis matches. "Contests" do not include round-robin or other multiple game tournaments.

    So, in the traditional sense, you play one game against another team per day. But, if your sport is one that traditionally is done via a "meet" scenario (like cross country), it's okay if there is more than one other team participating in the event. It then goes on to say, just because we are allowing multiple teams in these meet type scenarios, don't think that means you can have multiple game or round robin tournaments where you play different teams on the same day. They are directly saying that's that not what they mean by contest. Can't see any possible way to interpret that favorably.
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    Pretty sure Stedman is trolling you guys.
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  3. DanMaz

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    I dont know how many times this mandate will change or not change but we need to play ball!!!
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  4. Kurt Kuster

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    The English teacher in me reads that to mean sports such as CC, golf, and others in which multiple teams are participate against one another in a single competition can't have more than one competition in 24 hours. Teams that are playing "head to head" to determine a winner may.
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  5. jt7663

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    Ok with all that ..................... Who is still playing this weekend What has been cancelled
  6. jayflyer98

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    The first rule about fall tournaments in Ohio is you don't talk about fall tournaments in Ohio.” “The second rule about fall tournaments in Ohio is you don't talk about fall tournaments in Ohio.” But the most important rule of fall tournaments in Ohio is: Fu*k the rules.

    Joking... sort of... I am still holding out hope that the order will be amended again. or local health departments will interpret differently. However, it is looking like Columbus/Berliner are not going to budge unless amended.
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  7. IRdad09

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    and.......there goes Best of the Midwest. Just changed their format to play 1 team in a double header per day.:mad:
  8. AnotherSoftballDad

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    The funny thing is I know of tournaments and events where teams are playing multiple teams in the state of Ohio last weekend and this weekend. No consistency is par for the course though.
  9. IRdad09

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    Agreed...same here. Each health department is enforcing this as they see fit. Just adding confusion and frustration. Always ways around it though.;)
  10. DanMaz

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    I see Nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.
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  12. Xrayaries

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    Tournaments happening all over. I think people are fed up with this whole situation. Play on ladies.
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  13. Catcher '08

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    So I live up in Geauga county, the Amish are having their tournaments!
  14. Passion4theGame

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    There’s ways around all of this. Directors are just gonna need to be creative and make it happen.

    we are playing this coming weekend and we get 3 games Saturday and 3 games Sunday. Some of the Best teams in Ohio will be battling it out.
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  15. Dale Brigger

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    The grey area in this order is what makes it so ridiculous. I see other tournaments going on as planned. I see some have canceled completely and then others, like the one we are playing in this weekend, has modified the format to play a double header Saturday and a double header Sunday so not a true tournament. It's sad to see one person's lack of vision and leadership destroy what these girls work so hard to achieve. I really feel for those that are getting canceled completely as they are now scrambling to try to do something. Ours was at least modified so the girls get to play, one less game and no opportunity for a tournament win, but at least they are playing.
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  16. Passion4theGame

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    Holding a tournament at Berliner Is something you might as well forget this fall. I tried renting a couple fields to host late September and as of now they are not renting.

    there’s other great facilities out there that will gladly let these directors hold events.

    Directors need to get creative.

    Our girls will be on the diamonds showcasing their skills for the coaches out there. I have all the faith in the world we will make it happen.
  17. OHsoftball

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    Looks like no one is going to take stance for these kids. Seems like all tourney/friendlies formats are being changed to one DH. They deserve better than this.
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  18. embarrassing actually. Played all summer, and now all of a sudden this.....the Ohio softball world should be embarrassed not standing up for these young ladies.....
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  19. OHsoftball

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    Yes they should. Outlaws even changed their friendlies to one game per day next weekend. No thanks...
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  20. OHsoftball

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    These new rules were originally made in regards to high school sports. If enough softball coaches, TDs, org leaders etc.. would question this crazy new rule, I feel like some changes could be made back to how it was all summer. It was done safely all summer so why change it now?

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