Cannot play 2 contests on the same day. Unless it the same team.

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    Also... there are multiple teams playing multiple games this weekend at this moment in Dayton so why won’t everyone?
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    ?? i didnt see this. I think your incorrect here but then again i dont do facebook or twitter and i may have not seen this update.
  3. DanMaz

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    NFL NBA MLB are all playing... ARE THEY SPECIAL OR SOMETHING?????
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    I don't see us playing at Berliner this Fall. If people keep bragging about where games are being played that too will get shutdown. Just pipe down and we will make sure the girls play as much ball as possible and stay as safe as possible. I like what @jayflyer98 said, Lets treat this like fight club.

    first rule of Fall softball tournaments..... you don't talk about fall softball tournaments. Lol:D
  5. Colt Coach

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    This is a question for you coaches that want to treat like fight club. What are you going to do when a lawyer serves you papers because you decide to defy Governor orders. When little Suzy gets hurt at event and your insurance is null void because YOU don’t want to follow orders by Governor. Or little Suzy contacts COVID ( yes they trace it back to events)? You are being such responsible role models for the young ladies you coach. ‍♂️If you don’t like what your told just do it quietly and hope you don’t get caught!!!!! I hope none of this happens BUT don’t think for one minute that those releases you had your parents sign are legal if you a defying orders and your being careless or arrogant. Something to think about and I hope you like your house and retirement!!!!!!!
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  6. DanMaz

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    i hear your concerns Colt... on the flip side....let me ask you this. HOW can anyone tell when and how anyone got covid? how can anyone prove where or when someone got it? I SAY IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. jmho
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    Colt.....90% of the time teams that are holding "tournaments" are still getting field permits. The people issuing the permits know what they are for. The local health directors are OK with it. 6 months later no one still has any idea of what is going on. To DanMaz's point. There is absolutely no way anyone can say where they got infected. Sure you can trace where you have been, but I'll take my chances any day being at a tournament compared to going to eat dinner some where.
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  8. Passion4theGame

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    Colt do you coach a team? If so what age group? Are you scheduled for ANY tournaments this fall? Including friendlies? Or are you just not participating this fall. You just gonna practice and not play any games? Not challenge the athletes and get the live reps in?

    Better yet let me ask you this... How long you been coaching in Travel softball? The reason I ask is because in all my years of travel softball and baseball before that I have never had a parent use our team insurance or even ask. It has been offered years ago when a young lady somehow took a bat to the back of her head. (8u girls)
    Each parent has the freedom to not have their athlete play. That’s a fact Jack! This is America. Land of the free.
    Like many good coaches on here I’m sure they did the same thing and had a parent meeting and as a group we decide if it’s safe to play or not.

    I agree with @IRdad09, I feel better about going to an outdoor event rather than sitting at a restaurant and eating dinner.

    Columbus is about the only place out there that’s having a real problem with tournaments and allowing these kids to play.

    did anyone gets “served” for playing this summer? Why did they make the drastic change from Summer play to Fall play? Why are you against playing now if your team played all summer? What changed? Do you feel unsafe now?

    From now on We can reach out to @Colt Coach for legal advise.
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  9. Passion4theGame

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    @Colt Coach are you a Leader or a follower?
    You a Yes ma’am?
  10. Colt Coach

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    Not a lawyer at all just a parent these days. However kids team has played in 15 games this fall. All legit games and friendlies with health departments. My question was for the coaches that are just being renegades. You can throw insults if you want BUT have been around the block with travel and high school. 12 years of high school and 13 of travel. You think some parent isn’t coming after you if there little Suzy gets COVID and you went renegade you are mistaken. And maybe they can’t trace it to your softball tournament but it’s going to cost you to defend yourself. So as a coach better be asking yourself if going renegade is worth it!!!
  11. DanMaz

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    so is berliner closed or still playing on a small level?? I am asking because i dont live near Cbus and we are suppose to be playing there next month. anybody know the truth to Berliner???
  12. DanMaz

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    an order or is it the LAW ? i honestly dont think anyone can do a thing if you wear a mask or not. In fact my brother refuses to wear a mask and he walks right into WalMart, home depot and where ever else he shops.... he said 1 guy asked him about a mask, he replied... i cant breathe with it on. lol cant choose your family... but he never got police called or ticketed or anything other than some weird looks in the store.

    any Lawyers on here that can shed some light on this subject?
  13. Passion4theGame

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    Berliner is allowing weekly league play. One opponent per day. Tournaments are dead in the water there. Talked to my contact with the city and he said it’s a long shot they let tournaments happen there this fall.
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  14. Passion4theGame

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    I don’t believe anyone said they are gonna be renegades on here. We decided as a group it’s safe to play. We go where the health departments have approved us to play. Safe and Quality play is the most important thing.
  15. Frank Magno

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    We continue to sign a waiver ever tournament we play and everyone on the team also signs a waiver to be part of the team. If someone chooses not to play because of covid, they are free not to play. Mandates are not Laws. Thankfully a federal judge recently ruled much of what PA Governor Wolf has done as being unconstitutional. Hopefully venues/organizations will continue to provide places to play.
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  16. DanMaz

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    yes we also sign covid waivers for all events too. good point!
  17. Passion4theGame

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    You have some Negative Nancies out there that only look at the negativity and can’t get past it. Keep that negative shit to yourself. We will continue to have fun with our teams and families and PLAY BALL!! If you think it’s that bad out there and so risky for your DD to play then don’t have her play. But why did u let her play all summer long??? Smh. Some people. Good Luck to all you “Renegades” out there that’s getting some good ball in! Hope to see you on the dirt!

    if any of you guys are ever at same event as my team stop and introduce urself. Always good to meet new people and pick some brains.
  18. tjsmize3

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    So using the same logic... if a person learns later in life smoking causes health problems, they should then avoid quitting so as not to be seen as a hypocrite??? If at ANY point someone feels it is unsafe to play based on what they have since learned about COVID, we should not be shaking our heads at them. For the record our team did play every game of every tournament we were in this summer (that did not cancel on us, i.e. IDT, PGF...), but we did have 2 families not go to nationals due to concerns with COVID. We did not shake our heads at them. I may not be an attorney, but I know a few things as a coach. (1) You have a duty to your team to REASONABLY protect them from harm. (2) If you are negligent in your duty you can be held liable if someone chooses to come after you. All Colts Coach is trying to say is that phrases like "Each parent has the freedom to not have their athlete play. That’s a fact Jack! This is America. Land of the free..." might sound great on Facebook and Social media, but you are going to get laughed out of court if you ever end up there. Your parents have a reasonable expectation that if they do choose to play, you are not blindly leading them into danger. You can not "waive" negligence on your part no matter what you may think. If I was a coach playing games in a state where the Governor has put out an order and I was knowingly violating it, I would definitely want to make sure I had a better argument than "we had a team meeting and all my parents thought it was safe," or "this is America!" If you feel all your ducks are in a row and you have made the case to your parents and players, then by all means play ball if that's what you think is right. But I really don't see a reason for dismissing Colt's point by shaming him. People can get a little crazy out there. Nothing wrong with making sure you are protected.
  19. Passion4theGame

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    I get I should of used a better phrase so to say. All I am trying to say as parents you decide if it’s safe or not for your Athlete to Participate. Personally I had one decide against playing. No hard feelings. I get it. No big deal.
    I guess my thing is most of us have play ALL summer long then they make changes that make it tougher to get the girls on the field. Most are still playing now in the fall. Seems like everywhere BUT Columbus. Somethings got to give and someone has got to fight for sports to continue. I’m not saying just softball. Everything.
    MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and many others are back with or without limited fans so what’s the big deal on cancelling fall tournaments? Why now? Why restrictions now? Baseball and softball tournaments to dangerous? Makes no sense and very frustrating.

    of course as a coach we are here to be role models for the youth and lead by example and keep them safe and all that but it’s also our duty to get them out on the fields and let them compete.
    We can’t live our lives in fear. some of this stuff going on in our country today is unconstitutional and it needs to come to an end.
    I was not trying to shame anyone. It’s a forum and just debating this topic. These kids should be playing ball. The curve has flattened. We have played by ALL their rules.

    Just very Frustrated over all this garbage. When was the last time you got to take ur wife to a nice restaurant and have a good date night that felt normal? February??? Craziness. Wear a mask while ur at dinner? Come on. Give me a break.

    For the record Covid has hit close to home for me. My mother and father both caught it. My mom spent months in the hospital and a nursing home and just got out this past Sunday. From Mid-May to Sept 13th she was in the hospital and nursing home. She is still on oxygen and slow recovery. That doesn’t mean I will live my life in fear. It’s a virus just like a flu but can affect people a little differently. My mother for example will probably need to be on oxygen the rest of her life but she’s her and she will be the first to tell you don’t live in fear. She is almost 70yrs old and is getting around slowly but surely. Love her to pieces.
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  20. jt7663

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    Bottom Line we all are having PRECIOUS Time with DD that we will never get back Taken away from us. Which is probably why it is such a debated topic.

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