Count mistake....what's the fix?

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  1. Maxdad

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    One ball one strike count on batter. Runner on third. Next pitch, batter offers and misses, ball gets past catcher. Runner scores from third on close play at plate. Third base coach asks blue the count after the exciting play at the plate. Blue says 1-1. (Did not click a strike on the play at home) Batter swings and misses at next pitch, defense appeals to blue that that was strike three. After discussion with base ump makes the call batter out.

    Obviously coach upset blue told him 1-1 count before the pitch. Blue explains he made a mistake telling him 1-1 and that he can change the count anytime before the next batter steps into the box.

    Is this the appropriate fix? Either way one side is not going to be happy.
  2. BretMan2

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    If it really was strike three, then the batter really was out.

    On this one, the coach had some responsibility to know the count himself.
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    Thanks Bretman! Agree the coach should know the count that's why I have a clicker in my pocket all the time. His argument was that the defense should have appealed when blue mistakenly told the offensive coach 1-1 count and not waited until after she swung at strike three. I feel for him, but blue did correct his mistake.
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    Baseball umpire and I don't umpire softball. But in the high school baseball casebook there was the same play for years. 3B coach asked base umpire how many outs. He answers 2 outs but in fact there is only 1 out. Batter hits an infield pop-up. Runner from second takes off and is doubled up. Play stands. Coach has responsibility to know game situation.

    In my daughters 12U softball game a couple weeks ago, a teammate swung and missed, thought it was strike 3 (only 2). She took off for 1B. Catcher threw to ball into right field. 2 runs scored. Batter was brought back to finish AB. Field coach argued but to no avail. No coaches or teammates were shouting for batter to run as they ALL do on a dropped 3rd strike. Ump said up to coach & players to know game situation.
  5. DLamb

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    Seems like this could have been a planned play? Why not try it...
  6. NWCbus0124

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    It could be but not with this kid...she never knew how many strikes...or outs...

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