Hillsdale College Prospect Camps in August

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    Hillsdale College will host camps on Aug. 7 and Aug. 8 for grades 7-11. Each day is a separate camp, but with the same format. The Aug. 7 is getting close to filling up, but there are still plenty of spots for the Aug. 8 camp.

    Hillsdale is a high academic NCAA Div. II in Michigan, about 3 hours from Columbus and Cleveland and about 3.5 hours from Akron/Canton and Cincinnati. It is about one hour from Toledo.


    E-mail Head Coach Joe Abraham at jabraham@hillsdale.edu with questions.
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    Our daughter has been to quite a few Hillsdale camps and they are always great camps. Every girl gets personal attention and plenty of reps in. Every time she goes she picks up something worthwhile. The coaches and players are also hands down the nicest and most helpful. We would highly recommend it.
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    Thanks, Irish!
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    Best camps - end of story.
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    Thanks, Mdfio!

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