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  1. snuffleupagus

    snuffleupagus New Member

    So I’ve been taking my daughter to a hitting coach. This year she’s on a new team. Her new coach is offering advice which at times is contrary to what her hitting coach says. I know he’s only trying to help her and I do appriciate that but don’t want her to get confused or to spend money on a hitting coach when the team coach undoes the instruction. How have you guys handled this type of thing?
  2. Morgan Sky

    Morgan Sky New Member

    Stay with what your hitting coach is teaching if he has proven success with his technique.
  3. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Active Member

    Assuming the coach of the team is not teaching something unsafe or unethical, either have her listen to what the coach wants and make a good faith effort to do it or else remove her from the team.
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  4. OFCHeat07

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    Talk to the coach and explain what the instructor is teaching her. Everyone has an opinion/theory on hitting instruction, doesn't mean they are always right. But if the coach knows what the instructor is teaching, he will either enable your daughter to improve by helping with that, or go against it. Then you can decide what you do from there. I think leaving the team is a bit harsh.
  5. snuffleupagus

    snuffleupagus New Member

    Yeah leaving the team isnt something I’d consider.

    Good advice. I’ll talk to the coach and explain what her instructor is telling her. It had made a huge improvement in her hitting from last season so I’d like to keep her going down that road. I believe the team coach would direct her as her instructor does if he knows what she’s being taught.
  6. 22dad

    22dad New Member

    Probably a conversation your daughter should have with the coach.

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