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  1. Hilliarddad3

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    I was picking up a ball today that I put wrong graduation year for a kid that we hang on backstops for the girls. Thinking about it I was like, what if the kid stays back, could she play again, or are HS years numbered like NCAA?? Heck I could save 40 bucks and just hang that one maybe she'll stay back :)

    Is there an definitive #of years/games one could play?
  2. alborules

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    This is not from the OHSAA rules directly, but it is from the OHSAA Eligibility Checklist:
    - not been enrolled in high school for more than eight semesters.
    - will become ineligible once turned 20 years old.

    So, the "8 semesters" would eliminate being held back and getting another year to play. If the student athlete missed a semester or a year due to a medical issue, maybe a religious duty, or other strange circumstance where they weren't even enrolled in school, they could still play once they got back in school. That's still not an extra year, just making up a missed year.
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    Number of games in a year a kid can play maximum-32. It takes no less than 35 to make it to the championship.
  4. Hilliarddad3

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    Ha thanks! So if there is a rule, I'm not the only idiot to ever think about it!!!! Yes!

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