Interest or Leading Her On?

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  1. FP1088

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    In the fall, a certain University showed interest in my DD. They talked to her coaches at a tournament about her and invited her to their fall camp which she attended.

    Now they are having a winter camp which I signed her up for back in November. But recent rumors say they are done recruiting for her grad year. What would you do? Take her because they have shown interest? (After all, I have not heard confirmation that they done.) Or don't bother taking her? I am concerned that they won't tell us they are done with her class because they just want our $$ to attend all their camps. In other words, would a school just lead her on?
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  2. cobb_of_fury

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    Was your DD sent an invite to the winter camp? if so I'd go but would ask them or
    you can call the coach -(they can't call you back so you have to hope they answer the phone)
  3. GeneralsDad

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    Have your DAUGHTER call. It may take numerous attempts. If you are are reaching out for your daughter it's a huge red flag.if your DD hasn't been in touch since the fall camp they may assume she isn't interested. Her coach should also reach out to the coaches on her behalf. If these things aren't happening your recruiting plan is flawed and I would be looking for a better fit with someone who understands the process.
  4. tjsmize3

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    GeneralsDad is right on, I would encourage my DD to call and talk with the coach and ask point blank if there was still interest in her. We had several D1 coaches agree at the last D1 Fastpitch camp that they have absolutely no problem with a potential recruit calling (or emailing) and asking where they stand. I think the chances of a school trying to string a recruit along to make money at a winter camp are extremely slim. On the other hand, if your daughter has not kept in close contact, then they may have assumed she moved on. I would never pay money to go to a camp where there isn't continued communication with the coach and a mutual interest between both parties.
  5. cobb_of_fury

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    Yea should have made clear - not you but your Daughter needs to simply ask
  6. WWolff

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    Since they talked to your coaches I would guess your coaches have contact info for them, and If not text me the school and your daughters graduation year and position and I will see what I can find out. There is a good chance I may know and if not I probably have a good relationship with that school and would be willing to reach out and check for you. My number is 216-704-9908

    I think a lot of people get confused with the email invites to camps. Just because it has your daughters name on it does not mean they are recruiting her. Most of those come from a data base they get from several different area's
    (You filled out questioner on website, Profile book at showcase, other camps) If your daughter is really being recruited they will usually reach out to your coach, but it does not appear to be the case with your daughter as they have invited her through your coach.
  7. Play_Ball!

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    Being an Former Division 2 softball Head Coach, I will say that most girls that are invited to those camps are just that, invited to be another number to boost their camp. If they are truly interested then they will show you they are. If your daughter is truly interested in that program keep contacting that coach. But leave your options open.
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  8. WalkOffHR

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    Interest is fleeting in many cases. At the time the coach saw your daughter that coach might have had only a few players in mind for her position in that class. Maybe the coach landed her top prospect at that position a week later. You'll never know for sure. If the coach was still highly interested it would be very apparent well before now. When a coach has truly identified your DD as one of the his/her main recruits it will be unmistakeable.

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