My 9 year daughter wants to be a pitcher - were do we start?

Discussion in 'Softball Pitching Discussions' started by Admin, Aug 29, 2014.

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    My 9 year old daughter who plays in are little village girls softball league. Was sitting and watching TV when we started to surf the channels and the Pro-Girls Softball League was playing.

    After the game was over my daughter said, daddy I want to become a Girl Softball Pitcher like the girls on TV.

    Were do we begin?
  2. The first things you need is patience and an extra cushy padded bucket.
  3. Westler33

    Westler33 Member

    Might want something to protect the shins as well mine get a little lumpy from catching in the back yard in the grass and getting that nasty hop right off the shins. Needless to say we are going with pitcher as a last resort lol.
  4. FastBat

    FastBat Well-Known Member

    Go to and check out pitching instructors. Don't let her touch a softball until the instructor gives her some pitching drills.
  5. frenchy101010

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    Where is this pitching instructors section you talk about?
  6. fpitchdad

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    choose another position....:)
  7. go4fpsb

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    Find an instructor that doesn't teach showing the ball to the second baseman at the top of the circle and pushing the ball down on the back side of the circle. If you find an instructor that you like, fire up the Power Drive video with Amanda Scarborough throwing and have the instructor explain to you why every position Amanda puts herself in is just about text book perfect. If they can't move on.
  8. FastBat

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    I love that Amanda Scarborough video. I watch it often.
  9. FastBat

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  10. NESB

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    Attend as many Coaching Clinics as you possible can and learn the basics of beginning pitching. Listen to the best and learn. It will get mighty expensive if you depend on outside pitching instructors. And just because someone says they are "Pitching Instructors" does not mean the best technique is taught.

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