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  1. shaggy71

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    Can a 7th grader play on her school team for the fall season and still play travel ball?
  2. Captain_Thunder

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    There is no school softball in the Fall in Ohio...
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  3. Stedman00

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    what he said. OHSAA softball season is Feb thru May.
  4. Anonymous

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    My daughter plays travel ball but just made the Jr High Team which is governed by OHSSA. A couple quick questions,
    1. Can she practice with her travel team up until the time the school team starts their practice or does participation stop once you are offered a spot on school team?
    2. I realize once her school team begins to practice that she can't participate in travel team's practice but she can still watch, correct?
    3. Can she participate in travel team events (clean up days, fundraisers, etc) while on school team?

    Thanks in advance for your help. This is our first year doing both and from what I have read it seems a little confusing.
  5. daboss

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    To my knowledge Captain_Thunder is correct and has answered your questions but I'd like to add my sentiments on the topic.

    If you haven't experienced the world of school politics and policies, you and your daughter are embarking into a new dynamic in your lives. In some schools it will challenge your decision making abilities and test your people skills. Few navigate it without issues. I suggest meditation.

    I believe it is important for a young lady to be able to play with her schoolmates if she chooses to be a part of the program. As she gets older the opportunity to represent her peers, her community, and the neighboring families becomes more difficult. She's entering a world of a talent pool with a broader range of ages for a coach to pick what he/she believes to be the best opportunity for them to win. In the coaches defense, they are judged by their win/loss record. Their judgement throughout the season may not always be the same as your own. Making a choice to be or not to be "All In" with them most likely will help "influence" how they handle your child for a season.

    Read the coach. Don't simply listen to their words. They may be saying it's okay to continue participating with travel team activities but their tone and their eyes may be saying you'll be sorry if you do. Honesty is always the best policy and asking up front what is to be expected of a commitment to the program should help you decide. As far as the social aspects of your commitment to your travel team such as fundraisers or team functions, I suggest that part of your lives be kept discreet. While it all seems so innocent, I have found it can be like a bad odor. After a while it can become overwhelming and eventually become annoying. Put the T-shirts and shorts, the bat bags, and the coats and hats in a box during the school season and support your school team flashing the colors you are representing. Give them your undivided attention without mention of the other. Talk with your daughter so she understands even the conversation in the dugout can rub a few the wrong way if there is reference to a full and better life beyond the program she's currently engaged. Talk travel ball with your travel ball family and school ball with your classmates, friends, and neighbors. Put these social filters in place now and it should be beneficial for your entire journey.
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  6. Anonymous

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    Thank you for the replies..I appreciate your sharing your experiences and knowledge on the subject.
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