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  1. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    Ok first I wont name the organization, so dont PM me or ask on here lol, not going to say. I have a lot of respect for the most of their coaches, the president etc. good group of people but I want to get peoples perspective on this...Umps perspective, coaches and parents.

    We were in a tournament this weekend the week leading up to the tournament some of our parents heard rumors and relayed them back to our coach that first one of kids was going to be hit with the first pitch and that 2 the pitcher gets a helmet sticker for every leadoff batter she plunks to start a game. The pitcher throws very hard.

    The kid they said they were going to hit by name is our leadoff hitter, sweet quiet kid, just a really good ball player. Doesnt say 2 words during a game lol. So our coach puts her at the #2 spot, the umps were given a heads up before the game by some higher ranking type people. Leadoff batter comes up, K'd 3 or 4 straight pitches on the black. Our #2 hitter comes up first pitch PLUNK! Ump walks over to us and says I'm sorry I cant prove anything, she might have just been working her inside.

    Now either this is just a coincidence and a bunch of people both on their team and off their team were in on the ploy to intimadate or they planned on hitting one kid, and they did that.

    Now here is the best part......IT'S 10U!!!! Not that I would find this acceptable at any age level except MAYBE in college, and I mean where a pitcher is given instructions by a coach or dad to hit 1 kid on purpose.

    So either I am getting to old and soft to coach youth athletics or I'm still right and this is totally unacceptable. Your 35' away throwing close to 50 mph, I mean somebody could get really hurt right? Its still suppose to be fun?

    Thoughts? Umps what would have you done? Coaches what would have done? I think I know the answer to this but....Parents what would have you done?
  2. If deliberate it's pitiful action by ignorant adults. First instinct would be to retaliate but at 10u I wouldn't. Would have words with coach after game and maybe away from field and witnesses.
  3. blesh

    blesh Guest

    Totally unacceptable, unfortunately this happens way to often especially in 10u. A fast pitcher hits a 10u then half your team may be ready to back out of box before she throws a pitch :(
  4. wildfire

    wildfire Guest

    Who won? Revenge is a dish best served on the scoreboard.
  5. Hilliarddad3

    Hilliarddad3 Guest

    OK let's take it one further... Everything stated as worded above, kid gets hit and breaks arm? Could that be pre meditated assault on coaches party? In today's litigeous world, why would you be so sTup(*? You think a ten year old kid sitting in a witness stand is going to lie to a judge for her coach?

    I do not have a stomach for any low life who condones hitting any kid with what can be construed as a weapon. Whats next, coach telling a ten year old, "any time you get hit on accident, go out there the next at bat and oops let the bat go at the pitcher"

    Stup** move and that coach if true, should never be around youth sports again!
  6. Mad_Hornet

    Mad_Hornet Guest

    If it could be proven the coach should be prosecuted for assault.

    It is one thing to work a hitter inside. We also teach our 10U pitchers that they can't be worried about hitting a batter and to just be concerned with hitting their spots - regardless if they do hit someone.

    But to purposely call for the beaning of a 10 YO is beyond deplorable - especially with a 50 mph pitch.
  7. ManitouDan

    ManitouDan Guest

    tough tough thing not to retaliate . but putting 10u's at war with one another is beyond pathetic. this is a matter where the coaches/president of the org need to be told it won't be tolerated. karma is a real witch , I hope it bites them squarely in the behind. wonder if daddy is the coach of the good arm ? MD
  8. BlueDevilDad

    BlueDevilDad Guest

    I disagree. This is not a common occurance. My kid has been pitching for 9 years from rec ball to the highest travel level for many coaches. You do not see the intentional hits batter.

    However, I do beleive there is a pitcher in our HS league that proved me wrong this year. In 3 games this year she hit 6 of our batters. She is one of the top 3 pitchers in the league. There is no doubt in my mind a few were intentional.

    My daughter has thrown 156innings this year and has hit 2. If she wanted to she could hit a batter anywhere she wanted. I know it happens in college. One of her past pitching coaches that pitched D1 said there was no such thing as an intentional walk. Her words " why throw 4 pitches when you can throw 1".

    As for this happening at 10U... well the coach that ordered this needs his butt kicked. If it was my player that was hit and I knew 100% he ordered it. there would be trouble.
  9. ManitouDan

    ManitouDan Guest

    yep --meeting in the parking lot or where ever you can catch the guy. cheap shots would be legal. the other thing that would stop this nonsense is outing them on OFC !!!!! MD
  10. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    Nice try MD: )
  11. Yep, out him on OFC and then every TD should send him a note informing him his team is not welcome at their tournament. That's how we could police our own community, protect our kids and keep some integrity in this kids game.
  12. Lester

    Lester Guest

    BUSH LEAGUE and that type of garbage WILL get a visit from da' boyz....
  13. coachjwb

    coachjwb Guest

    Agree with all of the others that this is more than unacceptable ... and borderline criminal. For any youth coach (all the way up through high school and 18-U) to tell their player to hit an opponent is wrong on so many levels. If you don't want to call them out here, Uber, I understand but you would be doing all of the rest of us and our kids a huge disservice if you don't take this up with at least the organization of this team.
  14. Lets add this...what would you do if were a parent on this team and your DD told you she knows that her coach ordered the hit (your DD isn't the pitcher). Would you talk to the coach? Pull your kid off the team?

    I know I would not trust my DD around an adult that would do something like that, would have pulled her on the spot.
  15. Uber_Jones

    Uber_Jones Guest

    I have 100% confidence that the organization leaders know about it and will take care of it. Reputations are a valuable thing. The organization is full of good people.

    Bluedevildad, 1st Congrats and good luck to your Bluedevils and to your DD, we are pulling you 2nd as an ump if your were told before the game about this then it happened what would have Your response have been. Believe me I know the umps in a tough position, I'm more just curious .
  16. ManitouDan

    ManitouDan Guest

    hey uber --what pool were you in this week , could you post your scores ? LOLOLOL
  17. can't remember the team we were playing...3 batters got hit...pitcher in the arm...speedster in the leg...girl that got triple, in her next at bat...ump tossed pitcher on third plunk and warned her and coach for rest of tournament...14u age bracket...
    totally unacceptable in any circumstance
  18. JoeA1010

    JoeA1010 Guest

    If umpires are not willing to infer intent, then at the higher levels it becomes ugly. This is why umpires need to understand the game. An umpire can never prove someone was hit intentionally, so an umpire using that excuse will never do anything in these situations. I actually had an umpire tell me this at the college level last year. He said how am I supposed to be able to know for sure a pitcher is throwing at a batter, that if I could somehow get inside the pitcher's head that I was a lot smarter than him.

    I then told him that an umpire has to infer intent from the situation or else we could conceivably hit 10 batters in a row and there was nothing he could do since there was no way to ever read someone's mind. We had one game this year where there were eight hit batters, I think four on each side. You think that happens by accident at the college level? At 10-U, you obviously can't retaliate and have to let the adults handle it. But at the college level, what are you going to do, just keep taking punches and taking it? If one team is going to start plunking people, you either fight back or become sitting ducks.
  19. lhowser

    lhowser Guest

    I somewhat agree with this. Track the team if you play them again. Stick around and watch them start a few other games. mention it descretely to coaches that are playing them. If it happens repeatedly post the team and coaches name. At the end of the day it will be our kids job to get out of the way but intentional hitting of batters is way out of bounds.

    I can say this...its something we will be watching for at the Elyria Softball Summer Kick-off tournament where we still need some 10U teams! Just another reason to sign up. Great fields and 200' fences. june 18-20.
    www.elyriasoftball.blogspot.com lhowser@windstream.net
  20. CJT

    CJT Guest

    I do not get the logic, this is leaving me ......well blank....You teach your pitcher to hit a player and give her a sticker?????? Why would you do that at 10U...... why would you do that at college..... Can somebody,anybody explain to me why you would do it in college I mean what would be the purpose? You need to out this guy for real....... and any parent that knew as well I mean if the rumor got back to your parents some on the other team knew as well. Like Mom and pop "plunker" dont know why their DD is getting stickers on her helmet.....come on man:(
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