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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Daddy Gurl, Jul 22, 2019.

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    I will say as head of a nonprofit organization with no paid coaches or board members, it is nice sharing the responsibility among the group, working together on fundraising, and building a strong culture.
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    No, I do not think that the Hawks, Outlaws and Lasers are "No Name" organizations. After rereading what I had posted, I can see how someone can infer that is what I was saying. For that, I apologize to anyone that took it that way. I would say that those are the "Big Three" in Ohio softball.

    However, I stick to the claim in my fictional scenario that, if your DD is looking to play at the highest collegiate level, then the name on her jersey absolutely does matter.
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    Agree Long Baller, but I think Ohio Hawks-Gold has a better reputation then Batbusters Illinois or Firecrackers Ohio. Plenty of girls from Ohio, Outlaws (1 team) Hawks (4 teams) are participating in PGF Nationals in California and this is arguably the best of the best. There are more teams that participated in the JO Cup which is also highly regarded.

    Question is do the top college coaches care more who you play for or where you are playing?
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    I only ask cause of how many teams are in my dd organization. It’s crazy and the coach/manager says they don’t even get into the tournaments (own) free so that comes out the teams budget. FYI make sure you contact teams to get in the director says. All about those Benjamin’s $$
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    You understand that's a really loaded question right???... lol. To a large degree they kind of go hand-in-hand.
    I think the shortest version possible to answer your question is this:
    Most colleges could care less about the logo on your jersey... truly
    They do care a great deal about watching you play competition consistently at the level THEY play at however.
    So if you are asking about the "top college coaches" then they only care if you play for a team/org that can get into those "top-level" elite tournaments that they will be attending. In other words, the event is certainly more important than any given team/org for sure.
    The trick is being able to get in to the tournaments where the coaches you want to audition for are regularly attending.
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    Hmmmm… but its ok to charge a team fee + basically a yearly membership fee to be part of an organization. Interesting
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    On your first statement I would have agreed with you about 5-6 years ago, however, I think if you take a look at any major publication covering softball, the committed player list from Ohio club teams has started to produce a lot more players in the power 5 ranks. If you take the time to do the research you can see which orgs are the most successful at getting their players recruited to this level. So I think there is a case to be made that some Ohio orgs can provide excellent support in this day and age.

    On your second point I do not really agree. I probably talk to 30-40 college coaches every weekend for 6 weeks in the summer and 6 weeks in the fall. There are some really BAD teams wearing Bullets, Firecrackers, Glory jerseys etc... I think just about everybody realizes that. It has absolutely nothing to do with the org, just the person running the individual team. I rather doubt you are going to get Cal to come out to some random Ohio event just because you wear a jersey that says "Firecrackers." I think the college coaches are a little smarter than that. I also doubt that Tony Rico is going to have an open door policy for a random kid playing for the "Arkansas Firecrackers" to go play PGF Premier in CA with his Firecrackers teams. 99 percent of the CA players can't get on that team!
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    If you are an Ohio kid wanting to go to school in California, you need to find a good California team in California and then go play for that team. Then a California college coach will see you play. You then need to out perform the west coast talent. Very few west coach schools recruit Ohio based talent unless they see a kid over and over out perform the west coast talent. The power 5 coaches are watching the best high level teams in the country at the big tournaments. They are not watching a PA or OH based Firecracker or Bat Buster team unless they are playing against a top level Cali team and then out perform them. You might get noticed then but not necessarily recruited. Now if you play on a California team they might see you in more than one tournament and consider you.

    Bottom line very few coaches offer scholarships to kids they see play 1 time. Doesn't happen. They want to see repeated excellence and why would the west coast schools come to the east coast repeatedly to watch a kid when they have the same talent in their back yard? Taryn, Jenna, and Alex were rare exceptions because they were on Chicago Bandits. Alex got their by way of South Carolina. Until the Ohio based big name teams can go beat the west coast big name teams over and over the big time coaches aren't coming to watch them.

    It was always a waste of my time to go to California to watch the third and fourth level Batbuster teams because those teams were not as good as the best Ohio teams. College coaches can see that very quickly. Takes 5 minutes at a field to tell this is not their high level team. This is their money making team. Why would I recruit lower level California talent over top level Oh talent when top level Oh talent beats lower level Cal talent? So why would a California coach recruit an Oh kid when they are getting the top level talent in California? Very few of the Power 5 schools on the west coast have kids on their rosters east of Arizona or Texas. They don't need to travel to find talent.

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