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    I just wanted to note that this past weekends (12U) 5 Alarm Tournament in Orville was one of the best run tournaments I have been to recently. It was super hot and fields were all watered down between games. And one of the best moments of the weekend was when our bracket game was delayed 5 mins so a younger ump could switch out with an older ump given the heat. Although the older ump did not want to accept the help at first, he finally did and I am sure he was compensated for the game. Well done Orville!
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  2. 12 Alarm and Fire in the Sky for my money are easily 2 of the best ran events in Ohio.
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  3. Thank you all for your kind words! Hoping for another week of fun and exciting softball starting Thursday!
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE 5 Alarm. Only thing I was sad about were the tournament shirts. Same exact design and colors as last year but obviously updated with this years info. Other then that, LOVE IT!
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