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    Even though Ohio has some very very good teams, some of the state's top players choose to go play for out of state travel ball teams. Again, I'm not saying all the top talent, but a good percentage of the top 10% do.

    Why do you think this is? There are organizations in this state that have a very high success rate in player recruitment. Is it because those out of state organizations attract more of the top NCAA coaches? I'm not sure this is the case anymore. Erin Gabriel, Tess Sito, Brittany Duncan, Cheyenne Eggens all played for Ohio based teams at the time of their recruitment. However, Taryn Alvelo, and Jenna Lilley played for the Bandits. So what drives players like Alvelo and Lilley to go out of state?
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    I think it has a lot to do where these particular players wanted to go to college. The Bandits are going to PGF Nationals and playing out west every year and these ladies wanted to play ball in the PAC 12 so it made sense. Now that the Outlaws have made a similar commitment I'm sure you will see fewer players doing this. I think most Lasers teams are going south and west now also so I really think you'll see most of the elite players stay on Ohio teams.
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    There are also Ohio based Bandit teams now and they loaded with Ohio players
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    Alvelo verbaled shortly after playing for Lasers and possibly/probably before Bandits. I don't know about Lilley.

    College coaches want their recruits playing against high level competition to prepare for playing at the college level, so committed players moving to teams on the national circuit is a combination of those TB teams recruiting the best players and those players wanting/needing higher level competition.
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    This was sent to my inbox...

    Just a couple of thoughts on Playing for teams out of state.

    As is often the case there might be a little more than appears on the surface. If my memory serves me correctly Tess Sito spent a couple of years at Cleveland State before making the jump to Georgia, and Brit Duncan started her college career at Valpo before transferring to Louisville. I believe I remember hearing that Alvelo was on the recruiting radar for a lot of coaches while still a Laser (Washington included). Jenna Lilly had an older sister that played for the Beverly Bandits and went on to be a part time player at Northwestern. Some of the scouting/recruiting of these players involved something other than their summer team that they were ultimately associated with. Sometimes these caliber players are encouraged by coaches to play as tough a schedule as possible, which means getting on a big name team. Of course college coaches are going to encourage this as it makes their job easier. They get to see the girls they are interested in playing tough competition, and since a lot of these top caliber teams go to the same tournaments they can see more of the players they are interested on each recruiting day.
    There are certainly players that want to see how they fare against the best competition and what they can accomplish with the best coaching. However, it also requires a large financial commitment from the parents. Not all the top players are able or willing to make that commitment whether the teams are in state or out of state. The California teams still dominate the softball world and with their own party in PGF that is not likely to change.
    Just some thoughts.

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