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    Anyone have any drill(s) to get your Girls Softball team working on Communication/talk ?
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    What you Need: Ball, Bat, Tee, 2 Blindfolds

    Divide the players up into two teams. Team one puts a blindfold on their batter and team two puts a blindfold on their fielder.

    Team one positions a player at first and third to act as base coaches. Then they position there hitter w/blindfold, in the batters box with ball on tee.

    Team two positions there fielder w/blindfold on the pitching rubber. Put another player in the circle w/glove to protect blindfolded fielder as well as act as her "eyes."

    Team one helps line their batter up on the tee and then tells them to swing hitting the ball wherever. While blindfolded they must now run the bases with the help of there base coaches who must stay in the coaching boxes and "Talk" them from base to base.

    Meanwhile, as soon as the ball is hit the blindfolded fielder must now go find the ball with the help of their teammate who must remain in the circle and hollar out directions.

    I award points on how many bases are touched before the fielder finds the ball. Let every player hit and field and tabulate the score. Could do it multiple times if you desire and then hand out rewards. Lots of talking going on, teamwork, and it's fun. Run it with my HS team at least once a year and usually do it in the fall with my travel teams. Really helps break the ice !

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