1. Mike Pauline

    Ohio Blast 9U/10U looking for a couple solid players for the 23-24 season!

    Contact coach Ashley Majors for more information! 724-678-5291
  2. Coach03

    Cincy Doom 18u National seeking player

    Cincy Doom 18u National is looking to add a player. Coaching staff is completely non parent. Head Coach Wes Allphin 513-317-4104/ is coming off a highly successful season at 16u. This is his 3rd time through after coaching 3 other teams with all players reaching their...
  3. Mike Pauline

    Ohio Blast 2023-2024 Tryouts!

    The Ohio Blast Organization is excited to announce their tryout sessions for the 2023-2024 season, and we are looking forward to building on our continued success!! Last year, we had over 250 girls participate in our tryouts sessions, and are grateful to each and every one of them (and their...
  4. TheSoftballZone

    Just believe in your players and softball team

    Coaches something I learned a long time ago because someone believed in me. It's just simple, you will be surprised how much softball player's will grow and achieve if you tell them you believe in them. And the same thing goes for your girls softball team.
  5. TheSoftballZone

    Is playing time based on who shows up for practice?

    Is playing time on your daughter softball team determine by who shows up for practice? I guess I'm just old school because. I'm hearing from other parents that practice don't matter when it come to playing time on there team (s).
  6. TheSoftballZone

    Coaches, Players and Organizations Leaders are One pitch away from Failure and success

    That's really brutal but true. Think about it and let that sink in. Batters are only one pitch away from striking out, the pitchers is one pitch away from giving up a home run. Coaches are one pitch away from a lost well the other Coaches is one pitch away from a win. Organization Leaders are...
  7. TheSoftballZone

    Recruiting dead period extended by NCAA through August 31

    Covid-19 continues to cause havoc for college coaches. The NCAA extended the dead period until August the 31st. What's this mean? A dead period precludes all in-person recruiting. Phone calls and correspondence can continue. For the Full Story from 24/7 sports click here
  8. Rerun

    College players now transferring because Financial aid is being pulled due to COVID-19

    As it COVID-19 has caused enough problems now this. I’m really feeling sorry for the College Softball Player’s. Now school are pulling Financial Aid package due to lack of available funds and girls are seeking transfer to school that aren’t in Financial trouble.
  9. TheSoftballZone

    Tribute what did your HS do for the Senior Softball Players

    With student-athletes season being cut short what recognize did your graduating sottball seniors receive?
  10. TheSoftballZone

    What type of waivers are TD asking parents to sign due to covid 19

    I was wonder whats the wording on the waivers that TD are asking parents or Coaches to sign? Are teams asking parents and Players to sign waivers?
  11. Rerun

    COVID - 19 aftermath, extending Contracts, Tryouts for 2021 Softball Season

    Coronavirus has affected everything softball and a lot of other sports as well. I just spent about 20 minutes talking with a volleyball mother that shared what Club Volleyball Teams/organizations are currently doing due to COVID - 19. Of course I always enjoying getting feedback from other...
  12. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Questions, anyone have drills for communication

    Anyone have any drill(s) to get your Girls Softball team working on Communication/talk ?
  13. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Ultimate Softball

    Our team played "Ultimate Softball" at some recent practices. We had teams of 3 play against another squad of 3 on a basketball court. Using "Ultimate Frisbee" rules, a team would have to advance the ball to the opposite endline by a series of throws and successful catches. We set tight rules...
  14. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Don't forget to work on throwing

    Players form two lines facing each other about 15 - 20 feet apart. The coach flips a ball to the first player. That player throws to the player across from her. That player immediately throws the ball to the next player in line across from her. This continues until the catcher receives the ball...
  15. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Have everyone participate on fielding, catching and throwing.

    Have everyone spread out evenly into a deep infield position. One player on first and I use another player for backup to the first baseman. Have an assistant be the catcher or you could use another player. Start the drill by coach saying ready. This is a que for getting all the players into a...
  16. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Conditioning and control training

    THROWING: TARGET PRACTICE GAME This drill is for conditioning and control. Player set-up A catcher stands between first and second base with a discard bucket. The rest of the team stands between third base and home with gloves. Ball set-up Place three balls on the first baseline, spacing them...
  17. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders Mechanics of proper throwing techniques, using certain isolation training

    This throwing drill is used for warm ups and is done is a series. It allows the players to focus on the "mechanics" of proper throwing techniques, using certain isolation drills. 1.) Indian style: have the players start approx. 10-12 yards from their partners sitting indian style. By throwing...
  18. TheSoftballZone

    Girls Softball Drills Fielders team competition practice

    FIELDING: THAT GAME DRILL We have called this drill "that game" because my daughter and I don't have a name for it. You split your team into 3 teams it works well with 12 players and 2 coaches. One team goes to the outfield, one team playes the infield and the other team is up to bat. One coach...
  19. softballclassified

    How many Players in Ohio

    How many Girls play softball in Ohio? Give me your best guess. I would believe counting rec leagues, travel ball, high school and college it would be around 7K - 10 total.
  20. TheSoftballZone

    College softball player redshirted for the year

    We've all heard or read story's about College Softball player's being redshirted in college sports. When it comes to softball player being redshirted what actually has to happen, what kind of guidelines do college coaches have to follow, what kind of guidelines do the players have to follow in...