18 Under Tryouts RARE OPPORTUNITY!! Ohio Stingrays looking for a CATCHER

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    !! Rare Opportunity!! Private Tryout Sunday!
    Will consider (stud)05, 04, 03

    Ohio Stingrays 03 is looking to add a Catcher!
    The athlete we are looking for must have the desire to play in college and be willing to put in the work to make it happen. We are looking for a catcher that owns the plate and who has the mentality and desire to sacrifice it all for her team. A leader!
    This is a strong team that has stayed together for 3 years. They all have the same goal and ambitions to play in college. Truly play for one another and push each other to be their best.
    This is a high level team with a strong following of college coaches.

    We are holding a private tryout Sunday from 10am-12!
    If interested in this opportunity please email OhioStingrays03@gmail.com or call or text 740-504-7105!

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