Sanctioning-What is the best approach

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  1. 1st year travel team trying to understand sanctioning. Do you register under multiple for more tournament options, or do you register for one and only play those? which would you recommend?

  2. M & R Davis

    M & R Davis Member

    My recommendation would be to find the tournaments that fit your teams skill level and schedule and play those. If that is one sanction great. If it’s three not a big deal since sanctioning fees are cheap in the scope of things. Good luck!
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  3. Stedman00

    Stedman00 Active Member

    make sure you as coach, know the rule variations for sanctions you are choosing. For example, USSSA and everywhere else for the yellow vs blue writing Ghost bats...
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  4. T2plants0332

    T2plants0332 Member

    I completely agree with what was said above! Some people do stick with just one sanctioning body, but we’ve played in USSSA, USA, FASA and non sanctioned events all in the same season. I believe it’s all about finding the tournaments that interest you and seem to have the best fit for your team.
  5. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    Because your a first year travel team I wouldn't worry what org or body you play under I would be more concerned with getting your team in the right type of tournaments for a first year team.
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  6. DanMaz

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    we have played in many different sanctioned bodies in the same year many years. so you can add tourneys later in the season and register at that time. Just let your parents know the deal. Its another $35 for us to sanction in this new event that we are not currently sanctioned for. shouldn't be a problem. a lot of teams may find out of state tourneys at the end of the season and usually it ends up being a new sanctioned body.
  7. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    We do the FASA events and FASA does not ask you to pay a sanction fee unless you play in two or more tournaments. Also, in the events I run, offer some discounts which can offset sanction fees. The whole sanctioning thing can be confusing and many insist on rosters, cards and other stuff. We prefer to keep ours simple, you are not required to put rosters on line, but have them at the tournament and they are valid for that tournament. If you want to go to FASA National, you would have to put roster on line. I am not saying we are better and do not want to get into the whole debate of sanctioning stuff, but for me simpler is better and we do try to keep it simple. The other comment I would have is if tournaments accept any insurance, rather than saying you have to buy theirs.
  8. daboss

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    Be sure to address issues with sanctions such as acceptable team insurance that may be required. Also, it used to be some sanctions required certification of coaches. They made it easy to obtain by doing it online but you couldn't register your team for a tourney without it. It's a lot easier to deal with ahead of the season.

    I'm sure others on here can help you better than myself. I haven't sanctioned a team for a while. Just came to mind as I read the posts.

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