SSC Akron "The Dirt" (former Spano Dome)

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    We are excited to introduce SSC Akron "The Dirt"(former Spano Dome). SSC is ready to help your softball or baseball program prepare this offseason! Below you will see all of our services we will be offering at the facility. Our management team is getting the facility prepared for everything we have planned this fall and winter. If there are any questions about the facility or our management team, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing everyone at SSC Akron "The Dirt"

    OffSeason Field Rentals Are Available!

    Its time to get your offseason work lined up! SSC Akron: "The Dirt" has two indoor baseball/softball fields available for rental. SSC also offers three hitting tunnels for your batting practices. Our field times tend to book up fast, so if you have your schedule put together let us know and we can get you booked!

    Field Rental

    Our two indoor fields are available to rent for practices and scrimmages. You can rent one field or both depending on the size of your program or event. We also have 5 hitting tunnels that are available for rental.

    Contact Us For Rental Rates

    Video Tour of "The Dirt"

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